April 12 - April 16


I don't quite understand why stealth shooters do nothing for me. The closest I ever came to enjoying this kind of game is Deus Ex, which is a pale approximation at best. Even Thief and its progeny, which I understand almost everyone else holds in the kind of deific adoration usually reserved for saintly relics, did pretty much nothing for me.

All that boring creeping around, do I look like I have all day to hang out in this dimly lit corner waiting for just the right moment to blow out a candle? No, I do not! The only thing I care for less is a focus on co-op play. And Rockstar. And JRPGs.

Look, we could spend all day highlighting the things I don't care that much for, and come to the simultaneous realization that I'm a loveless curmudgeon, but that doesn't sound particularly fun either. So it is not with a particular passion that I identify Splinter Cell: Conviction as Game of the Week, because I realize many of you _will_ be at least moderately excited, and it's not like I'm going to give the nod to Episodes from Liberty City.

While April remains a pretty dry month for new games overall, this week is probably the biggest of the next few weeks, but don't get lulled into being too relaxed. May is shaping up very nicely.

- Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

- Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Xbox 360
- Splinter Cell: Conviction

- Blood Bowl

Coming Soon -
- Red Dead Redemption PS3 / Xbox 360 : May 18
- Lost Planet 2 PS3 / Xbox 360 : May 18
- Alan Wake: May 18
- Super Mario Galaxy 2 : May 23


Splinter Cell has always been one of my favourite series - this game looks like it will be a big departure from the previous titles and I'm interested to see where they take it.

I have to agree with Sean. Stealth games are my least favorite.

I love stealth games. And I love co-op. I'm not sure how they would work out together though...