February 15 - February 19


It's pretty easy to peg Aliens vs. Predator as Game of the Week, which is exactly what I intend to do. I don't actually know that much about the game going in -- I've been inclined to keep my distance so I don't have to shove it onto an already over full pile.

But, let's talk about Everquest II for a second. Wait. Where are you guys going? This is an MMO that virtually nobody talks about, but honestly which has improved nicely over time, particularly for a more old school crowd.

I am an unabashed solo play kind of guy when it comes to my MuhMOGs, and so this has not proven to be the game for me, because EQ2 does not ask whether you'd like to play with others. It beats you up until you seek the safety of a group, but if you can find the right people to play with then there are some real adventures and challenges to be had. There is a healthy and loyal community of people playing this game who would make the argument that this, not WoW, is the quintessential massively multiplayer game.

EQII's latest expansion, Sentinel's Fate, takes wing this week.

- Aliens vs. Predator
- EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion

Xbox 360
- Aliens vs. Predator
- Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
- Tropico 3

- Aliens vs. Predator
- Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

- Chicken Riot
- Data East Arcade Classics
- Free Running
- Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding

- Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
- Crime Scene
- KORG DS-10 Plus
- Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries
- Ragnarok DS

- SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3

Coming Soon
- Heavy Rain : February 23
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 : March 2
- Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 version - Xbox 360 version : March 9
- God of War III : March 16
- Alan Wake - Xbox 360 - PC : May 18


Hooray for some EQ2 love! I had to quit playing MMO's when I took on a heavier work schedule, but I still tell people--the rare times it comes up--that they should give EQ2 a second look. It is a really solid game.

Just talking about it makes me want to reactivate my account. I will resist!

Man, the next four weeks all have a game I've pre-ordered. I'm gonna sit this one out, unless people love AvP.

However, MAG has my multiplayer love right now, and I think it's gonna stay that way.

Whoa. They updated the Korg DS-10?!?! Must go look into that. Too bad you have to have a DSi for some of the features, but alas, still interested.

Whoa - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth drops this week? Talk about timing - I just finished Phoenix Wright 3 and loved it.

Guess I should get over EverQuest II's plasticine skin and revisit this one. Although "plasticine" is probably the wrong word. That would indicate that there's some texture drawn into to the art style.

I'm also an unabashed soloist in my MMOs.

It's kind of got me playing LotRO right now since I really like the story, and my play style doesn't demand really good team based PvP.

That's what a FPS is for.

I have a co-worker who is taking the rest of this week off for the EQ2 expansion.

EQ2 was great. I haven't played in 3+ years, but I prefered the class selection to WoW, and thought that the way they handled tanking was far superior. The community, art style and the promise of end game content ultimately drew me to WoW, but I always thought the EQ2 gameplay was better.

My wife and I are avid EQ2 players. I am eagerly anticipating the next expansion.

"EQ2 does not ask whether you'd like to play with others. It beats you up until you seek the safety of a group"

I'm both baffled and confused by your comments about the soloability of EQ2. EQ2 is a highly solo friendly game and I've soloed at least one character all the way to max level (and not a "good" solo class either - a dirge, which is middling to bad at soloing). How long has it actually been since you've played? Things, as you yourself say, have changed A LOT in the past years.

If you enjoy solo play - and I love it - I urge you to pick up a trial account and give EQ2 another try. Just check out this solo timeline guide and you'll see there's far more solo content than you can possibly do without outlevelling it. http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:S...

Srsly. Not that grouping isn't tons of fun too, but if you are stating to the world that EQ2 isn't solo friendly, you are seriously misinforming your audience.

Interesting. My perception may be off, and it is admittedly based on older information -- I haven't played since Echoes of Faydwer. It's entirely possible that things have changed significantly, or that I was just doing it wrong at the time. I may have to give EQ2 another look at some point.

I haven't made it past 40 or so in EQ2, but I'd agree up to that point it's very solo friendly these days. What I've heard of the higher levels seems to indicate that they are also quite manageable. SOE has went back and revamped the content and the XP curves several times.

My issue with EQ2 has always been more about population. Similar to Elysium, I am a solo-MMO player for the most part. Despite this I like to have other players in the background as I go about my business, it's some kind of bizarre social interaction without actually being social.

The EQ2 servers I've tried are devoid of life in any of the zones 60 and under. It leaves me with the feeling I'm wandering around a museum that's closed for the night, in a creepy kind of way and not a peaceful one.

I was thoroughly disappointed that the AvP demo for the PS3 was multiplayer only but didn't say so in the PSN store.

I loved AvP on the Atari Jaguar, and would be up for revisiting that atmosphere again, but only in single player mode. If my exploits in TF2 have shown me anything, it's that I don't have the chops to play against humans.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

Whoa - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth drops this week?

I had no idea that was coming out. I suppose I'll check out some reviews, but I've consistently enjoyed the others in the series.

Any game involving Miles Edgeworth is an instant purchase.

I was watching UFC Top 100 fights on Spike last night and an AvP commercial came on during one of the breaks.

My wife, sitting next to me on the couch, commented "Wow...that's a game? Will that work on your Playstation?".

All I was thinking is "3 years and God knows how many games and the one you're impressed by is AvP?"

I think she was just patronizing me though. She did something inconsiderate that day and whenever I'm ticked at her for such things she tends to try to engage me in conversation to appeal to the things she knows I love be it sports or video games.

But yeah..I'm sitting this and the next week out and picking up Heavy Rain.

I think the word is that Shiren the Wanderer (Wii) is actually showing up on store shelves this week.

I really enjoy those Mysterious Dungeon games by Chunsoft. Does anyone know if this is another remake of the original or an all new adventure?