New Ways to Support GWJ


You may have noticed some new images along the left side of the page recently. In our continuing effort to offer ways to support the site without punching monkeys or dodging a minefield of text link ads, we've partnered with a few services that kick a little something our way whenever you happen to make a purchase. was the first and continues to be a great place for old PC games completely free of DRM and tweaked to work on modern systems. Games like Divine Divinity, Psychonauts, Commandos 2 & 3 and Beyond Good & Evil are all $10 bucks and totally worth having in your collection. If you click the link to their site and sign up, we'll receive a small credit for everything you buy over the next 12 months.

Stardock's Impulse digital download service offers a ton of new PC games and a great software client to boot. It's easy to backup games you've downloaded and even better, you don't have to be online to play single player titles. It keeps your software up to date and their download speeds are super fast. If you're already a customer and have the Impulse software on your computer, all you need to to is uninstall it and then reinstall with the GWJ affiliate setup file. After that, any game you buy through the Impulse client will kick a small credit our way. Your games are tied to your login, so the process should be painless.

They have a huge Thanksgiving sale on now, so make sure you check them out!

Amazon is this little site that sells various things online. Maybe you've heard of them? We'll be linking to console games in The Week Ahead that take you to Amazon in case you wanted to buy them online. An extra cool feature is that handy search box on the left side of the page. Anything you buy on Amazon's page after using that search nets us a little something without costing you a dime provided you buy something within that browser session.

We also have the GWJ iPhone app for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Bonus content and (soon) we'll have all of the old episodes available for streaming!

Thanks for your patience, hopefully none of this is too offensive or at least easily ignored if that's how you're leaning. Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, eat lots of food and be sure to pass out responsibly.


Bullion Cube wrote:


Goodjer Fleeces would rock.

+1 Goodger fleece. I can easily imagine it as being perfect gear for the cold and wet Oregon winter.

Certis wrote:

Keep reaching for that rainbow, Edwin. It's on the list.

Here's another vote for this. I thought this had been done ages ago and I just couldn't find it. The site is a pain on my Kindle, and a mobile version would be much appreciated. Even just a mobile version of the G&P forum would be cool.
Anyway, this is my vote for that, too.

Edit: Oh, my quote is a bit out of context. This is a vote for GWJ Mobile version.