Donation Drive '09


Gamers With Jobs is, first and foremost, a user supported site. Which is why between now and October 2 we will be camped out on your virtual doorstep wearing dark glasses and shaking a coffee cup full of seed-coin asking for your continued and crucial support in helping us keep the lights on and the hamsters turning in their exercise wheels. Your donation goes to providing the materials, the equipment and the financial ability to bring you the content that teases your eyes and tickles your ears every single week. While we hope you feel like the work we do is valuable, we also know that a prize giveaway or two never hurt anybody. This year is no different.

We are proud to roll out the annual donation drive and prize give away featuring a familiar option at the Grand Prize spot --

Your choice of a PlayStation 3 slim -- Xbox 360 -- Nintendo Wii -- GeForce GTX 275 for your home PC!


Supporting the site is as simple as clicking the make a donation link on the sidebar or sending your donation through Paypal to [email protected]. Every donation of $10 or more is eligible for an entry into our giveaway -- additional entries are added for larger donations. See after the bump for more details.

You can also send a check to:

GWJ Donation Drive
Attn: Sean
PO Box 177
Savage, MN 55378

IMPORTANT - READ THIS: Being involved in the donation drive giveaway and getting your forum icon is a two step process - you must send a separate e-mail to [email protected] with the subject Donation Info. You must include your forum name, the name under which you donated if it is different and the amount donated. Icons and donation information will be updated periodically, and there may be a delay between submitting your donation and receiving confirmation and a new icon.

Read on for specific details, rules and regulations including our full prize give away list and one of the coolest prizes we've ever offered.

How To Donate:

We offer two ways to donate, snail mail and PayPal.

Paypal Email: [email protected]

Also note the handy dandy donate button to the left.

*Read This!* If you would like to be entered into the prize contest and receive your latest icon you must send a separate email to [email protected] with the subject Donation Info. You must include your forum name, the name under which you donated if it is different and the amount donated. If you don't, you may not be eligible for the prizes or your donation icon!

Snail Mail : Please note, all snail mail donations must arrive before September 30th to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. Send early!

GWJ Donation Drive
Attn: Sean
PO Box 177
Savage, MN 55378

The donation drive will run through 11:59pm October 2, 2009, at that time the link to the paypal donation links will be taken down, and no more donations will be accepted until the next drive.

As always donors get a special forum icon added to their name. First time donors get a golden key. If this is your second year donating you get a gold watch. Three years earns the iconic weiner bomb, four years gets you a company car, five years a company jet, six years a fancy yacht. And if you are one of the storied few who have been with us since the beginning and donated to the site for all seven drives ... well, you get the accessory every smart executive will be wanting this holiday season.

How to Win :

As always we offer multiple entries for those of you who donate a little more.

The scale for this year is the same as previous years.

Donations/Entries into the drawing (U.S. funds)
$10 - $24 = 1 entry
$25 - $49 = 2 entries
$50 - $74 = 3 entries
$75 and up = 4 entries

Only one prize per person! Winners will be drawn on a date and time to be announced.

The Prizes:

If you're not from North America, you can still win the grand prize provided you have a local site we can order from!

Staff of GWJ and their families are not eligible to win (staff of GWJ being defined as anyone who has ever had posting privileges to the front page).

All prizes are new and in original packaging.

Grand Prize

An Xbox 360 - OR - A Playstation 3 Slim - OR - A Nintendo Wii - OR - A GeForce GTX 275


Second Prize

Your choice of a Nintendo DS, Sony PSP Go or a 16GB iPod Touch


Additional Prizes

Courtesy of our good friend Ken Levine, this limited, signed and numbered Sander Cohen statue. Number 65 out of 110, this particular collectible is almost exclusively found in the possession of the people who helped bring Bioshock to gamers everywhere. Signed by Ken Levine and character artist Robb Waters who did the initial sculpt of the figure, we are very excited to be able to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own this highly prized collectible:


We are also offering one of two $60 gift cards for a

Game of Your Choice


Custom Soap From Soapy Hollow!


Thanks again for your continued support!


Donated. The super special prize is too cool for words.


Done! It's a pleasure to give back to the site after all the fun I've had here.

Do I want to give up my Weiner Bomb? For a brand new car? Hell yeah!

Holy sh*t that statue is some amazing swag. Only given to Bioshock developers? That's a freaking amazing collectible. I rarely see value in collectibles but damn I'd love to see where these things end up 20-30 years from now.

Stengah wrote:
Judge_Digger wrote:

Thanks to all of those behind the scenes here making this place so good. My donation will be on its way right after this post.
But let's see...

golden key... gold watch ... weiner bomb ... company car ... company jet ... fancy watch ... fashion accessory...

What happened to the boat?

Unless there was a stealth edit, it says fancy yatch.
I'll be kicking in my share as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Yeah there was because I copied/pasted those items from the original post. No biggie though.

For previous years, the drawing was on vent. Now that you've got the ustream magic figured out, will that be where the drawing party is at?

Looks like it's finally time to get this "PayPal" thing up and running.

Quit batman! To the donation-mobile! I think Certis and Elysium know that I get paid 3 times this month.... I want the statue so I can blend it with my Blend-tec Blender! bwahaha!

no Just kidding.. maybe

Sander Cohen statue... wow! To me it seem like that should have been the ultimate prize! Talk about awesome... or better yet, MEGA AWESOME!



Today is my birthday. I donated today. Make my gift an awesome prize :).

In seriousness though, keep up the good work and thanks to everyone that makes GWJ possible!

Just like last year, it looks like the third prize may be more coveted than the grand one.

PS3 or iPod Touch for me.

Of course the Ken Levine prize looks pretty spiffy too.

Done. Here's to another great year of GWJ.

Just to be clear: Are checks made out to GWJ Donation Drive?

Aww! If you had done this in October instead I'd have had plenty of spare cash to scrape up a donation with

Done and Done. Thanks for another great year!

Just to be clear: Are checks made out to GWJ Donation Drive?

That would be fine. You can also make checks out to Sean Sands.

Can't tell if that was a joke or not...

Awesome prizes!

Donation sent

Graft... err... donation inbound.

Clearly it was my unknown destiny to miss out on Risk Black Ops last year just so I could win the statue this year.

Wow. Amazing donation drive. And thanks Ken Levine!

Alright...had a lot of fun with this site for a year now, so I guess I'll pony up. Don't understand why we need to do this, as the White house web site indicates that roughly 4% of the financial bailout money went directly to "Privately funded and operated websites devoted to the discussion of topics related to video gaming." Maybe y'all haven't gotten your check yet.

It's probably because one of the co-founders is Canadian, and therefore enjoys social healthcare. Hence the US Government did not want to sponsor GWJ, and instead opted to spend money on home-grown industries instead.

Can't tell if that was a joke or not...

It's actually not, though I can see why you might think otherwise.

I was mostly a lurker during last year's donation drive, but now that I've dove in and discovered how great this community is, I couldn't wait for the next drive so that I could show my support.

I see that we have the added benefit of a giveaway including some great prizes, which made me wonder about the logic behind the entries system. Please allow me to be devil's advocate Cory for a moment.

$10 - $24 = 1 entry
$25 - $49 = 2 entries
$50 - $74 = 3 entries
$75 and up = 4 entries

So 1 entry for a $10 donation, but 3 entries for a $50 donation. What if someone makes 5 separate donations of $10? Would that not count as 5 entries?

So 1 entry for a $10 donation, but 3 entries for a $50 donation. What if someone makes 5 separate donations of $10? Would that not count as 5 entries?

We track all entries and each person gets one slot in the Holy Excel File. Multiple donations are simply added to an individual's yearly total, so 5 $10 donations would just show up as a $50 total donation, which is why request multiple pieces of information for entry including a forum name, a real name and an e-mail address.


My donation will be in the virtual mail once paychecks are sent on Friday.