The Great GWJ T-Shirt Design Contest


It's been a long time since Gamers With Jobs has sold any kind of merchandise. We're under a constant barrage of requests for new mugs and shirts, but we've been hesitant to climb back into bed with yet another abusive merchant partner to bring you the goods. Now that we're significantly bigger than we were back then, it's time to wade in and give everyone a chance to represent. My own Sway Classic shirt is getting ragged too, so this time ... it's personal.

We will be bringing back the classic shirt and mug as part of this new initiative, but we wanted to tap into the creative whirlpool that is the GWJ community and get some hot new designs too. This is your chance to be totally famous, all while signing over complete ownership of your creation to the GWJ Mega-Corp. What fun! Read on for details.

What We're Looking For

- Three colors or less. This keeps the cost-per-shirt down.
- Incorporating Stan is a plus, but not 100% necessary if you have an awesome idea.
- Nothing too in-jokey. Wiener Bomb says hi.
- A design that can easily be put on other stuff like mugs or baby diapers would be excellent.
- Something understated that could be worn at work would be interesting.
- No giant graphics splashed across the whole front of the shirt unless it's something House would wear.

Deadline is September 7th, 2009! Send your submissions to [email protected]. You can also hit us up there if you need some high-res assets of Stan or other artwork we may have laying around. Thanks and good luck!

Wait a Minute, What's In It For Me?

Aside from the undying gratitude of the site staff and community, we'll also give you a bunch of free shirts and stuff with your awesome design on them. You'll also get super powers.


Three colors or less. This keeps the cost-per-shirt down.

This usually means solid colors. I could be mistaken, but that's the way this thing usually is.