Call For Writers -- 2009 : Update


The 2009 Call for Writers is in full swing, and frankly the competition is fierce. We've had a significant response to our initial post, which you can find here, and I already somewhat fear the Herculean task of having to make hard decisions among a field of outstanding submissions. It is incredibly gratifying to realize how much talent exists not only within our community, but among the community of people interested in writing about video games.

I admit, I hesitated to laud the submissions too much for fear of running people off, but understand this Call for Writers is far from over. While both Julian and I have read and often re-read many articles, previews, reviews and op-eds that show substantial potential, we have firmly held off from even talking about any final decisions until the end of the submission period. While I am fairly confident that we will be making at least one offer, we see a new draft every day or so that makes a new and compelling case that stands the entire process on its head.

This is pretty much exactly what I'd hoped for.

With just over a week to go, I'm hoping that those of you who have been sitting on the fence will feel challenged to step up and send in a draft. Even if you don't get the slot, if you want to get into games writing there's only one way to do it: submit material. Please read the original post -- again, that can be found right here -- for instructions and get those submissions in. With E3 in the rearview mirror, it's hard to imagine that anyone would want for topics.

We will be contacting select individuals following the June 20 deadline, and at some point in the immediate future we hope to introduce one(?) new writer to the GWJ community.