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Starting today My Comics Page is reprinting every Bloom County comic strip online from the very beginning to the very end of the series. They will be posting six daily comics a day with the color Sunday comic going on every other day. That's a week of comics every two days! Awesome news for Bloom County fans and those like myself who never really saw the first half of the series. There is a catch though, you have to be a My Comics Page member which costs a mere $10 US a year.


$10 bucks to see every Bloom County strip is a steal, don't pass this up! My Comics Page also reprints the Calvin and Hobbes series and a ton of current strips like Foxtrot.


Easily my favorite comic strip of all time. I still have a couple of the books at home. Despite knowing the punchline of every strip, I still end up laughing out loud. I may have to take advantage of this offer. Right now Doonesbury is my favorite strip. No other strip is as consistently funny as Doonesbury.

I own on all the books. Loved that comic. Outland never really grabed me the same way but over all it was pretty good too.



This world needs more.

This gives me hope that we may someday see a "Complete Bloom County" collection in print. I know that both the Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes collections have sold well, and Peanuts continues to do so. This strip needs to be completed too! The books are great but they don't contain all the strips, especially not in the first few books like Lost Tails...I think close to half the strips were missing in those. Anyway, great find.

Minarchist wrote:

This gives me hope that

Thread is 6 years old, you know.

Quintin_Stone wrote:
Minarchist wrote:

This gives me hope that

Thread is 6 years old, you know.

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