Sonny's story begins in classic turn-based RPG fashion, as its titular protagonist is awakened by a friend. But Sonny isn't a starry-eyed adolescent yearning to venture forth from his charming rural village. He's an amnesiac zombie on an embattled freighter, armed with naught but a hunk of lead pipe.

The forgivably silly tale that follows, told via cutscenes and an impressive amount of voice-acted dialogue, provides the backdrop for a lot of very slick, addictive, and deep RPG combat. Sonny's almost effortless initial encounters give little hint of the challenges that lie ahead. Within an hour or two, you'll be selling and swapping gear, assigning tactics to party members, and even respeccing talent trees. The entire interface is mouse-click driven, and its tooltip-enhanced menus are some of the best I've seen in a Flash RPG.

As far as casual, turn-based RPGs are concerned, Sonny and Sonny 2 are the cream of the in-browser, free-to-play crop. Sonny 2 is a slightly more refined game, and it doesn't presuppose much familiarity with its predecessor, so feel free to play them out of order if you're not worried about story continuity. Both games provide hours of tactical combat, and they both let you save your character after each battle, so they're perfect for multiple casual sessions. Click "read more" below to see some Sonny screenshots.

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Played Sonny 1 awhile back and had a lot of fun with it. Thought it was too short, which I guess would be a good thing

I had fun with it and was impressed with the production values when I played it a while ago, when it appeared on Kongregate.

The only thing that disappointed me was that it was summarized as a game from a zombie's perspective... yet the only way you know Sonny is a zombie is because they tell you he is. Hopefully they "fleshed" that out a bit more.

My only complaint is that it saves the game on your local PC, so you can't pick it up and play elsewhere. I use to sync rom and rogue-like save game states across multiple PCs for casual gaming from different locations.

Fun game! It certainly kept me busy for an hour.

Very cool.

Thanks! I played this last year on my aunt's laptop in Mexico and could never quite remember the game's name.

Problem solved!

Dunno if anyone out there is a Flash expert, but this game really seems to chug for me during the battles, the FPS sits at between 5-10 FPS, but now and then the planets will align or something and suddenly it'll run perfectly (as it should!), but only 'til the end of the battle, it's terrible again with the start of the next one. I've never had any issues with Flash games before and my computer should be able to run the game without any issues whatsoever. Anyone have any ideas?

Certainly seems like an interesting game though, the music is great and voice acting is relatively good so far, certainly on par with any of the Final Fantasies.

Just played and beat them both. I like the story. A few moments had me smiling since it doesn't take itself seriously. For a flash game the voice acting is superb. Sonny's voice is great. Veradux and Felicity probably have the worst.