April 20 - April 24


Lost to the mists of time, a tumult of misbegotten paths for a tangled mass of humanity snarled in the nebulous rigidity of a linear perception, there were ages where the fertile and young species stood on fresh legs and gazed across a world built too large. Bipedal and weak, our awkward branch on the Darwinian tree having selected deftness of thought above the taut agility of physical prowess, we languished in the meager confines of our body and were trapped into finite space upon seemingly infinite plains.

Domestication was a laborious but worthwhile plan that charted millennial efforts by man to tame the beasts, our physical if not mental masters. It would be the holarctic species, Equus ferus caballus, upon whose back the expanse of the world was opened, providing the perfect union between the mind of man and muscle of beast. And lo we migrated in an aching diaspora for reasons unknown across arctic waters frozen to connect continents, and traveled south toward the tempting sun to spread the seed of man across the face of the world.

Which is why I totally love horses!

- Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

- Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

- Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

- 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix
- I Love Horses

- Excitebots: Trick Racing


HedgeWizard wrote:

I had a massive crush on a girl who loved horses... she was fiiiine.

That must have been some tough competition.

*takes foot out of mouth and wipes egg off face*

So I fail at meteorology I guess. I live in southern US (Mississippi), which is still north of the Tropic of Cancer, so obviously I have no exuse for not knowing that the sun is in the southern sky during winter, especially the farther north you are. Apparently I don't pay enough attention to the position of the sun. All I know is that it rises in the east and sets in the west. Hence my original comment.

During the winter (and summer for that matter), I don't go outside unless I have to. Or unless we get several inches of snow, which is rare.


Yea. Horses.

Yeah ... image dump. Link to the rest. - Certis

Geez, what the hell is that game about? It looks like Gwar goes to the zoo.

wordsmythe wrote:
jonnypolite wrote:

The one that has winter.

Brevity, eh?

I try.

Actually, my comment was prejudiced against our southern hemisphere neighbors. Your specificity is refreshing.

jonnypolite wrote:

Geez, what the hell is that game about? It looks like Gwar goes to the zoo.

It's Zeno Clash and I think your description works just fine.

Those Zeno Clash screenshots sure show a lot of promise for that game. It looks surprisingly polished for a ~20$ game