April 13 - April 17


I have to admit it. Demigod crept up on me out of nowhere. It is a game that has long existed on the periphery of my attention, hovering like exactly the sort of thing I should care about but never crossing that threshold into active interest. Now that it's here I don't quite know what to do with it. Apparently Demigod is some kind of fusion of RTS meets fighting game, and if you're anything like me then your first thought to that is -- Aweso...wait, what?

Still, it is the standout pupil in an otherwise weak-sauce class. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are grabbing some bench this week, perhaps taking some kind of belated and largely undeserved spring break. Even the Wii and DS only manage to combine for a paltry 4 games I've never heard of. This opposed to the typical 12-15 games I've never heard of.

Default victory though it may be, it's still a checkmark in the win column for Gas Powered Games. This week's Game of the Week goes to Demigod. Here's hoping it manages to impress rather than merely confuse.

- City of Heroes: Architect Edition
- Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason
- Demigod

- Guitar Hero: Metallica

- Dokapon Journey
- The Dark Spire

- Escape the Museum
- Samurai Shodown Anthology


If you buy it on newegg, they have it for $34.99 shipped ( I think it's UPS 3 day too). IT doesn't seem too promising though... kinda boring, as a matter of fact.

Demigod looks interesting. I need to grab the demo and give it a try.

Great game, really enjoying it. The gameplay style is very DOTA - esque so if you didn't like the gameplay style of DOTA you probably won't like this game. Though personally I only played a handful of DOTA games and I can't put Demigod down so maybe the similarities aren't quite that simple.