Rarely have I seen such a delightful mix of precision puzzle-solving and musical craftsmanship.

Auditorium starts you off in the deep end of things. There's little in the way of an introduction and absolutely nothing resembling a tutorial to help you make sense of the goal. But that's part of the beauty of the experience: no hand-holding is required. As with most well-crafted time wasters, the basics are easy to grasp but mastery is a more demanding pursuit. Don't sweat it. You're guaranteed to have some fun along the way.

To say too much of the game would spoil the sense of discovery brought about by simply experimenting with the objects presented in each puzzle. Suffice to say that the musical reward for completing (or even exploring) a level is more than enough to motivate a player to put on his thinking cap and put the ol' gray matter to the test. It's almost Pavlovian in its elegance. For the visually inclined, there's a certain serenity to the swirling rays of colors that is equally fulfilling.

Special thanks to weswilson for dropping a link to today's featured game. Have a mesmerizing little melody you'd like featured on an upcoming Act Casual? Send us the chord structure and a few notes about it through our perfectly tuned Contact Form


This game is flat out brilliant, and I'm dying to play a full 20 level version of it. They got my donation.

This is indeed awesomeness.

It's very awesome. I can't get past level 3:4 for the life of me though. So hard, at least for me.

This is absolute synesthesia.

I was hooked the minute I understood the mechanics. This thing is pure genius, and they've definitely earned my donation.

It's awesome. Fantastic. Sublime, even.

Why oh why can't I figure out 3:4?!

Wonderful, They'll be getting my $10 when its actually closer to $10 after exchange.

For 3.4,

[color=white] my tip is to try to end off shooting the flow right to left.
***Next Tip***
You'll have to loop the flow up to the blue then shoot it over to the red. Siphon off only some of the start stream.[/color]
Very tricky one.

Great concept. I love me some flash games.

Man, I'm all retarded on 2:4.

Great game. I would absolutely love to play this on the Wii.

It's really the perfect iphone game.

I hate that I finished it. I want more.

rabbit wrote:

I hate that I finished it. I want more.

That, and I want to play around with the other controls.

This game is so awesome. I just finished the demo and I'm left wanting more.

rabbit wrote:

It's really the perfect iphone game.

No, see, it's better for the Wii because I don't have an iPhone.

But yeah, you're right.

Fantastic mix of simple mechanics, enchanting music and challenge: thanks for pointing this one out Alex! I'm looking forward to more!

I figured you guys would like this one... it made me smile.

Flat out brilliant.

One of the most relaxing, stress-relieving toys I've ever played with.

this is cool...

I love it when a game brings this kind of serene joy. It makes me smile.

I think it's worth noting that I never really felt frustrated with the game. Sure, it was demanding and a little tedious (last level of 3 especially), but I so wanted to complete the cascade of sound that any complaints flew out the window.

They need to slap this on multi-touch tables and have them in doctor/dentist waiting areas.

Spaz wrote:

They need to slap this on multi-touch tables and have them in doctor/dentist waiting areas.

"Hello Liquid, is it time for your weekly teeth cleaning again?"

That is straight up awesome.

I'm having way too much fun with this one. Definitely really addicting.

Music + Particle Simulator = Win

That is all.

PS: Damn them with the jack-rabbit, multi-color mechanic tease.

This is fantastic. I find myself wishing that there was some more substance to the music, but the mechanics and visual presentation are so arresting that they almost make up for it.

Yeah after Rabbit raved about it on the podcast I decided I had to try it again, the first time around I think I got stuck somewhere on level 2. This time around something clicked and I was able to finish the whole demo, now I want more! Can't wait to see the rest.

Wow, what a brilliant combination of pieces. It seems more recently (or maybe i've just forgotten others) that we're seeing more "games" that are less about winning and more about the experience of playing. While playing this I sometimes used it more as a synthesizer, and would enjoy "creating" music more than completing the level. Along those lines, I think it would be awesome if you could record your creations and share them with friends.

Wondering what I'm missing. It's good fun and all, but I feel I would grow tired of this game too quickly if I tried to play it more. I made it to 3-5 and just barely couldn't finish it. 3-4 had me stumped until I had just given up and was about to close it and tried one last thing. Still, it's great a for a diversion.

I donated $10 the other day but didn't get any "special gift from the team." Not that I wouldn't have donated anyway, I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything cool.

Tried out the game last night. I think its beautiful in a very raw way. The power of music and light rolled into one small package. I'm terrible at it but still it is worth at least trying.

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