Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Adventure Quest


Trick or Treat Adventure Quest hearkens back to a time when gamers obsessively clicked at every pixel on the screen, nabbing objects from homes and people like stickyfingered little bandits. You play the role of Little Johnny, an average boy looking to have the best Halloween night of his prepubescent life. After crafting a costume from household items (braving his negligent parents' kinky boudoir in the process), Johnny is free to explore the neighborhood and terrorize, or aid, its inhabitants in his quest for sugary handouts.

Trick or Treat Adventure Quest doesn't really innovate on the 20-year old Point-and-Click Adventure formula and, to be honest, combining items in your inventory and moving about can be a touchy process. But the game does play tribute to the genre's past with some familiar scenes, obligatory smartass humor ("this hand icon is not for touching yourself...") and fittingly retro graphics. Your hunt for treats is surprisingly long, but the included autosave feature makes picking up where you left off a snap - assuming you don't lose your place in the world.

Remember, you're never too old to Trick or Treat!

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