Pandemic II

Pandemic II


Ev-ry bo-dy wants to rule the world. Or so the song goes. But if you've ever wondered what it's like to play the role of petulant biologist seeking to eradicate the whole of humanity, we humbly suggest you put down the Erlenmeyer flasks and pick up Pandemic II instead.

Pandemic II is an exercise in biological warfare. You'll guide a disease from lowly annoyance to global disaster, spreading sickness across a continental tour worthy of the history books.

Will your megaplague be a prodigious virus, a well-balanced bacterium, or a stealthy parasite? Each form has unique strengths and weaknesses that will alter your approach. As the game progresses, you'll accrue evolution points to spend on traits to custom engineer your disease: granting various elemental resistances, finding new vectors, and affecting the symptoms your infected will display (everything from fever to hemorrhaging).

Your ultimate goal is to infect all of the humans on Earth, causing their gasping, ignoble death in the process. But be wary, for if your organism gains too much visibility, the world's medical community will band together to stop your spread. Despite the macabre theme, the game is presented solely through menu screens and a world map. The thrill of seeing nations enter a red frenzy is entirely worth it, though. Just watch out for those germaphobe jerks in Madagascar.

If you've got a highly infectious specimen you'd like to expose Act Casual to, send along a sample and description via our very own hermetically sealed Contact Form.


I was playing this around 2 weeks ago and it's fun! It takes some patience but the results are advantageous. Supposedly to gain more points and infect worldwide, one may start from Madagascar in order to then infect all others.