Donation Drive 2008 Winners!


The draw has occurred! Thanks very much to everyone for their awesome support this year, it's been well and truly overwhelming. Special mad props goes to everyone who took the time to pop into Vent and not get their names drawn. Sorry about that.

We drew the names based on order of choice, so you don't have to choose a console if you really want RISK: Black Ops instead. Here are the winners!

First Choice Goes To .... Poppinfresh!

Second Choice Goes To ... Evilroy!

Third Choice Goes To ... Taer!

Fourth Choice Goes To ... dammit. *Legion*

Fifth Choice Goes To ... Jakeleg!

Congratulations to our winners! Be sure to post in this thread which prize you'd like in order of the names drawn. Head on over here to see the prizes up for grabs. See you next year!


Gratz all wooot!


Since I didn't win, at least Legion won.

Congrats to all! Love that Legion won something. Can't wait to hear that in the next Conference Call.

Rigged! Rigged!

Eh, that's all right. I didn't want to win anyway. (And congratulations!)

Hey, look Poppin'! Karma!

Congrats to the winners. *Legion*, you must never, ever, let this go. Ever.

LilCodger wrote:

Hey, look Poppin'! Karma!

Congrats to the winners. *Legion*, you must never, ever, let this go. Ever.

I feel I won something just seeing Legion's name up there.

Congrats to everyone else of course.

Congrats to the winners and congrats for a successful donation drive!

'Gratz to everyone. And Legion will never let us forget this.

Having Legion up there is almost as good.
Almost, that means don't brag Legion.

Congrats, folks! Here's to another great year.

Congrats winners!

I'm just gonna pretend I won and buy myself one of the prizes.

Sons a' bitches. Five years and not a single prize ever.

All you people who are new to the boards, let me give you a piece of advice if you want to win one of these drawings...when Certis asks if you 'want something special', just say 'yes'. With a smile.

(Big kisses boys, and thanks for the best site on the net)

I'm just gonna pretend I won and buy myself one of the prizes.

I think I'll do that too! Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations to the big boys (and girls) who won!

Congrats to all!

Congrats everyone!

is it next year yet?

Kinda glad I didn't win, the only thing I'd have my eye on is the $60 gift card, and I really don't need to add to the pile.

And although there appears to be much groaning over Legion, I feel glad that he won thanks to the PSP hacking kit.

And we all know Jakeleg deserves something.

'Grats Winners!
Here's to the site and looking forward to many more donation drives to come!

Awesome! Congrats everyone! Dangit I totally forgot it was today or I would have been in vent. Think I might follow Aaron D's advice and buy myself something.

Grats Poppin! And the rest!

Congrats to all the winners!

Phew.. yes! My streak of losing is still unbroken. Take that winners! My lifetime record is intact and all is right in the world. You can't take that away from me, no sir.

But seriously, congrats to the winners. Enjoy the loot! And long live GWJ.



It's just that... I can't decide what to buy with your $60!

Kill me now.

You should just be happy that I already have two fully-paid SOCOM preorders in. The second one I put down today, in fact. Because if I didn't...

I am glad Jakeleg won. He deserves a medal as well as a prize.

The reaction to drawing Legion's name must have been priceless, hopefully that's been recorded for posterity.

Congrats to the winners!

'Grats guys

Congratulations to the winners and the site. Looking forward to another awesome year.

And I already bought myself a prize and called myself a winner.