Donations Closed


This is it!

For those who have already donated, we won't be doing the actual draw until sometime next week, so you still have plenty of time to get your information in to Elysium to make sure you're still in for the big draw. We'll post here on the main page when we do the next update. Have no idea what I'm going on about? Hit the main post to learn more about the drive, the awesome prizes and how to make sure your name gets on the list!


Thanks to everyone for their support and patience during the drive.

Woot, bring my the Graphics card!

WiredAsylum wrote:

Win or loose

I think I just heard wordsmythe sobbing.

Win or lose I still think it is awesome to be part of a community full of great people.

Fixed, sorry on my blackberry this morning.

WiredAsylum wrote:

Fixed, sorry on my blackberry this morning.

Are you using the BlackBerry browser or Opera Mini?

The company has this thing locked down so I can not install opera mini.

I remember last year, a bunch of us were playing Gears of War, while we listened to the winner announcements in the background. Good times.... That was truly an 'epic' way to enjoy the prize announcements.

Are last minute donations still eligible for prize draw?

If you get a donation in before they shut it down for the year. Yes.

Yes, but no donations will be accepted into the prize drawing after Midnight (CST) tonight.

I wonder if it's too late to make one of the "thank you prizes" Cablevision coming over to rewire my apartment so I can receive their service better- be able to watch TV programs without signal loss, download pr0n with no real waiting, upload artwork & files to send, download sh*t from the marketplace, and not sit on a death screen for 2 minutes before I respawn in any game.

Sorry, my rant. Come on, PS3! err, I mean, "PSP, no Whammies and.... STOP!"

Glad I checked the site today. Kept putting this off for some reason but i got mine in now. Come on PS3!

Oh I can't wait!

Wait ...

I can't win?

I wan't my $2 back.

Stupid selfish question here: how does the icon get linked to the account? If it's email then I donated from a different email than what I use here which is why I was asking. Who should I contact about this?

mainpost wrote:

You must include your forum name, the name under which you donated if it is different and the amount donated.

Ok, but who do I include that information to?

Email that to [email protected] and he'll get you sorted out!

Original post explain all, stop bothering overlords and let them make their 5 year plan!

Is there anyway I can donate in I.O.U form? I'm currently a gamer without a job and would love to donate as usual but I have to worry about making ends meet until I am re-employed.

ahh in before the closing! Ok give me the xbox so I can play rock band.. please

Oh man, glad I got mine in.
Feels good to contribute to a great place like this
Warm and fuzzy feeling

I promised myself I wouldn't post just to say I donated, so I...


rabbit wrote:

I wan't my $2 back.

I'm going to ignore the errant apostrophe so I can post this:

Didn't ask for a dime.

That's all, folks! We'll do a final update once we're caught up on names and give you a contest draw date.

It's been an unbelievable year, I can't thank you guys enough.

I guess I should start doing my voodoo good lucky rituals. Daddy needs an awesome video card so I have an excuse to build an awesome rig around that video card.
Or I might succumb to the wants of my wife and get that Wii. hmmm.

Elysium wrote:

Didn't ask for a dime.

Two dollars.

Thanks to this last prod, I finally donated. Keep up the great work here.

Evo wrote:

Thanks to this last prod, I finally donated. Keep up the great work here.

Who prodded you?