Once considered the scourge of P&C, I believe this heartwarming picture will indeed turn Paleocon's image from staunch debater to fluffy liberal can't-we-all-get-along-er. But just what is that mysterious substance on his face? Why does he seem to be so delighted? To find out, you'll have to read the profile to see the full image. Before you make fun, keep in mind he's known to slap punks around when lessons need to be delivered.

Who the devil are you?

A simple crofter’s daughter, who hopes to one day become Queen of England. Well, not really, but massive bonus points to whoever gets the reference.

I was born in Seoul, Korea but grew up mostly in the Washington, DC area. I did my master’s in Seattle (or most of it), lived in Taipei for four years, spent a year in Tokyo, and nearly got killed motorcycling through the Mekong Delta. Now I reside in the DC area again. When I’m not making trouble as GWJ’s resident firebrand, I’m relaxing by pounding a heavy bag.

What are you supposed to be doing during the day when you're reading GWJ?

Selling data circuits and telecommunications services. These include internet, private connectivity, VOIP origination/termination, traditional TDM services, telco colo, MPLS IP-VPN, hosting, hosted IVR, and all kinds of other stuff.

How about family? Kids? Pets? Particularly meaningful inanimate objects?

Getting married later in June. Neither of us is particularly fond of animals, though we don’t seem to have a problem with other people’s animals. Kids are a real possibility in the future, but both of us are at that age where doing so would require some difficult decision-making. It is interesting, though, that we seem to be getting most of the pressure from nieces and nephews.

What was your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

I seem to be immune to the whole massive multi-player mania, so the game innovation situation for me has been pretty sparse. I am still playing Combat Mission and Civilization.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to be CMBB. A sales job is stressful enough that coming home and getting into a twitch monkey game isn’t going to help me relax. Nothing says “relax” quite like crushing Nazis under the treads of a T34 – and watching the results on instant replay.

Which game are you looking forward to most?

The new Fallout. The storytelling in the original two was extremely imaginative. I’ve always wondered why the second one wasn’t optioned into a feature film starring Bruce Campbell as the Chosen One and Michael Clarke Duncan as Sulik.

What is your fondest gaming memory?

Wow. There are tonnes, but watching the frustration on Robear’s face in a CMBO hotseat match in which I suckered him VERY badly comes to mind. Mostly, my fondest gaming memories have to do with opponents screaming expletives.

Finally, why do you play games at all? Why haven't you outgrown them?

Mostly to relax. I don’t spend a lot of time playing games, but after a week of getting beat up by customers, it’s often nice to grease some treads with Nazi bodies.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard hitting questions! Any last words?

Just that it has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the GWJ community. I know I’ve tested the limits of goojer propriety from time to time, but I’m glad those limits are there.


Great profile but that thumbnail almost made me afraid to click it

souldaddy wrote:

Palecon, this seems like the best place to ask: what exactly are your political views?


Paleo has been a big help to me and what's going on in Ulairi World, so I'm am deeply grateful he found our little community!

Hey Paleo, you've got a little... umm... on your cheek there... Nevermind. Knowing Paleocon, it's probably bathtub C4.

It's good to "meet" you, Paleocon. As different as our views are on some things, you're still a guy I would like to sit down and have a drink with.

Nice to meet you Paleo. I love these employee profiles, it's great to learn more about GWJ'ers.

I am surprised by a total absense of FPSs on his "most beloved games" roster. We need to run a follow-up to his wedding registry, and hook him up with a 360 and a copy of CoD4.

Gorilla.800.lbs wrote:

I am surprised by a total absense of FPSs on his "most beloved games" roster. We need to run a follow-up to his wedding registry, and hook him up with a 360 and a copy of CoD4.

Or a Graphics card and TF2.

Every time I see a new employee profile, I know how the band Rush feels.

*Legion* wrote:

Every time I see a new employee profile, I know how the band Rush feels. :D

Maybe next year. That's what I keep telling myself.

I'm disappointed the images in the old Employee Profiles are broken!

Woohoo! It's Paleocon! I'm also glad to have made his acquaintance at a past S&T. I found out that he is truly a genuinely sincere and respectful person at heart. Having met him in the flesh casts his posts under a much different (benign, informative) light.

Also, is there a second picture in there that I'm not seeing?

Holy Smokes! I just submitted this and forgot about it. I had no idea it was actually posted.

Thanks folks for all of the kind posts.

Thirteenth: Even my mother tells me I look gangpeh. It has it's occasional advantages. I tend to get great service in Korean restaurants until I open my mouth and reveal my terrble lack of fluency in Korean. It's funny. My wife is finishing her PhD and has been finding every excuse not to finish up her final chapter. I caught her watching Korean videos last night and she whined about not wanting to do any writing. I gave her my best gangpe voice and yelled "chukgo do he!" and she just laughed.

Gorilla: Not really into twitch monkey games. FPS's tend to get me stressed.