A field of color and music



Ongaku is a rhythm-based game for people who lack rhythm but love music and painting. You can go the regular route of timing your actions just right, or you can press the corresponding arrow key long before that crucial point of no return. Your little musical note avatar will then "scoop" the keys into itself. Now that you're not too worried about mashing buttons, you can take in the game's brilliant art stylings. The background starts out as a blank canvas. Literally! As you progress through the stage an image will slowly come to life - from a black and white Seussian sketch to a tie-dyed extravaganza of colors.

For those of you that are slaves to habit, Ongaku rewards your excellent timing with points to open up more levels and cash to spend in the game's shop. Save up enough music dollars and you'll be able to upload an image of your own to play through. For the award-minded gamer, there are achievement stars to unlock as well as a valued spot on the game's leaderboards.

Unfortunately there are a few minor timing issues, and long strings of arrows may bog down your computer (causing you to miss or forcing you to scoop). But the musical tracks are blissfully short and there's a lot of joy in watching the paint blobs fly. Sure it's yet another in a long line of music-meets-reflexes games, but Ongaku reminds you to consider the poor, neglected backdrop that faithfully supports the scrolling foreground we so often tread.

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