Grow Cube


This week's Act Casual pick is Grow Cube, a simple exercise in clicking on things and watching the results. Place ten objects on a cube, one at a time, and watch each item grow into an interconnected system. Certain objects affect others, allowing them to level up, and some objects fall apart if they grow too much. The goal is to find the one sequence which allows all objects to grow to their full potential. At the end, the game lists the final level of each object, and which ones are maxed out.


By testing several approaches and jotting down a few notes, I was able to max out about half the objects, which creates a pleasant little cubical world, with people, forests, and lakes. I assume that a cleverer Creator could place everything properly, which would truly be the best of all possible cubes.

Grow Cube and Eyezmaze's Grow series are a moderately challenging mix of puzzle solving and gardening. Usually, the object order follows some logical progression, but the only way to find it is through trial and error. It helps to idly experiment for a while before finally pulling out the pad and paper. Alternatively, just keep playing around with the cube, to create a variety of tiny worlds, each slightly different.

Thanks to Judge_Digger for suggesting Grow Cube. If you'd like to suggest a game for Act Casual, send us a link at [email protected]


Yay, completed it...oh crap, where did the last hour go?

Give grow RPG and grow island a shot. They're neat as well. Grow nano vol 3 was cute too.

I played, and enjoyed this one a while ago. It's simple, but good fun. I'll have to check out the other iterations that Druidpeak is talking about.

I like the grow series. Grow island has a neat hidden alien ending for those of you with ocd.

For those who can't get it:

Spoilers wrote:

[color=white]1. Man 2. Water 3. Forest 4. Pot 5. Pipe 6. Fire 7. Bowl 8. Bone 9. Spring 10. Ball[/color]

I managed to get this on my own. Many months ago this was posted before Act Casual existed. I couldn't figure out how to beat it then.

I figured it out. ^.^ Makes me happy. I must try more now.