Bold Predictions 2008


Bold Predictions 2008


We had a pretty good run last year. Bold predictions were made and many came to pass as foretold. Sure, some of my predictions may seem to have been wrong, but if you read them again the deeper meanings will be revealed. This year will be special, I've brought friends and we've all imbibed a special tonic that spreads wide the legs of the mind "… to the future!

- As I predicted last year, Grand Theft Auto IV was indeed delayed. This year, the game will finally ship with a full online coop mode and some surprising multiplayer team play features.

- There were too many original games last year. I see many sequels, expansions and download content for all games on all platforms. We will count the good, original games on one hand this year for each platform.

- After Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo will redouble their efforts to crush the hopes of long time Nintendo fans, placing their best and brightest on games better suited for your great aunt Edna.

- No Metal Gear Solid 4 until Fall. Insult to injury, the Xbox 360 version will be announced within weeks of the PS3 release. This may seem like last year's prediction, but last year's WAS ACTUALLY THIS YEAR'S! WoooOOOooo.

- In a misguided effort to over-compensate, Microsoft will release a motion control device into the market, only to be greeted by crickets. The niche is filled, gentlemen.

- The will be yet another Nintendo DS model to hit the market. Lighter, brighter and missing the GBA port. It will come in pink.

- The PS3 will gain ground, but as the PS2 sales slow down, the system will see another price cut in the Fall.

- The Gamers With Jobs Conference Call podcast will reach number 1 on the Bosnian iTunes.

- Two prominent gaming magazines will perish.

- Alan Wake? Not this year. Sorry.

And now, a little help from my friends. Spread them wide, everyone!


- While the Wii will still dominate the majority of the year, the Playstation 3 will outsell the 360 on the year, and outsell the Wii on at least 2 months.

- In an effort to regain their dominant position in the industry, EA will finally buy Ubisoft.


- In an effort to stay competitive and reinvigorate their Live Anywhere promises, Microsoft will stop charging for Gold Live accounts by the end of the year.


- Ken Levine emerges from his basement lair, after spending 9 months rubbing $100 bills on his nipples, to ooze excitement about "project X" in late summer. Gamers everywhere rejoice. Rumors that Levine is contrasting the ethics of Marx, Capitalism and National Socialism in his next effort are proven unfounded.

- The release of the iPhone SDK in February will pave the way for a half dozen open-source game projects which will put the professional handheld game design community to shame. The offerings will be simple, elegant, and addictive. One will bought by Popcap by years end.

The Flyadamus

- Nintendo will release an Animal Crossing title for the Wii in time for the holiday sales rush, and its online features will lead it to become one of the most celebrated and sought-after titles on the platform.

- Valve won't release Episode III until Fall, but it'll come packaged with a title that expands upon the themes and settings introduced in Portal. It'll include more storytelling and less puzzle-solving than its predecessor.


- XBox gamers will complain that Devil May Cry 4 is too hard, while PS3 owners will say it's too easy. Riots erupt, martial law declared, police state.

- Spore will be downright unplayable on launch, but EA will release a zero day patch, and then re-patch it over and over again. Three months later, Spore becomes self-aware and begins patching EA.

There you have it, my children. You have one week to enter your own predictions in this thread before I lock it down. No take backs! Also be sure to check out the Bold Predictions 2007 Score Card thread to rate your predictions from a year ago.


I'm locking the predictions down. See you next year!