Five Years of GWJ


One of my favorite pleasures is getting to kick off each new year with a virtual birthday party of sorts. Launched on January 15, 2003, I am happy to announce that has just turned a rambunctious five years old.

It feels like one of the milestones birthdays, a threshold crossed where we can say with some confidence that the site has carved a niche into the gaming media landscape. Each year our voice grows stronger, and though we've been slow and methodical about growing the site, like an old man wearing a hat riding the brake in the fast lane, we are no longer exactly small anymore. The result is a site I'm proud of; one with excellent writers, a vibrant community, diverse content and a respected reputation.

Happy five, GWJ!

I say it every year, and this will be no exception. Any success we've enjoyed running and operating GWJ is a direct result of you. A community is irrelevant if it has no participating members, and to those that fill our forums each day with information, comedy, opinions and passion, you are the backbone of GWJ. To those who read the articles and participate in more passive ways, you are no less important; as theater requires an audience so too do we. To those who contribute their time, effort, money and sweat to our gaming media experiment, well our thanks for that are boundless. If there is one thing that still surprises me about running this site, it is how willing people have been to take time out of their busy lives to help us, including our writers, our tech shamans, those who donated to the site, down to the people who send in emails for the podcast. Your invaluable participation is too often unrewarded, but powerfully appreciated!

It's been a good year for GWJ. Kudos go to Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch for penning the most visited article in the history of the site with his tale of a Guitar Hero God performing at a big box electronics store. I don't normally like to give out any kinds of specifics on site stats, but I can tell you that the article in question has been viewed more than one-hundred thousand times. That's probably why professional gaming publications keep, and should keep, hiring him to write. He is the 2007 New England Patriots of gaming journalism; a compliment which I'm certain will make him happy despite my certainty that he still couldn't tell me who the running back for that team is.

One of our big plans for this past holiday season was the launch of the updated GWJ site, a surprise we'd been holding close to our vest for most of 2007. While the cat may be out of the bag, some technical bugaboos have cramped our style a bit, and like the games we cover we were forced to push back our launch date and extend the beta. Nonetheless the contributions of Jeff and Eric in getting that project rolling have been and continue to be huge, and we look forward to bringing the new GWJ up and online early this year.

Also this past year, I feel like the podcast has really begun to come into its own. Thanks need to go out to, among others, guests like Ken Levine, Jeff Green, Michael Zenke, Russ Pitts and Brian Reynolds for participating in the show and offering their perspectives on gaming. Also, thanks to for their sponsorship of the show during much of 2007. These are all people that help turn a show that might otherwise just be four guys talking about things on which they know very little, into a show that I think is informative, entertaining and, despite my best efforts, intelligent. Thanks need to go out here to Rob "Gaald" Borges, who spends a half-dozen hours every week editing the poorly recorded and largely incoherent sound files we send him into a solid show.

There's just not enough credit to be given to the writers who have contributed to this front page over the past half-decade, those still with us and those who have moved on: Lara "KaterinLHC" Crigger, Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch, Jeremy "Nyles" Greenfield, Adam "The Fly" LaMosca, Cory "Demiurge" Banks, Colleen "Momgamer" Hannon , Julian "Spunior" Dasgupta, Russ "Fletcher" Pitts, Stephen "Chiggie" Failey, Phillip "Lobo" Scuderi, Allen "Pyroman" Cook, Ian "Malacola" Irvine and probably someone who I am tragically forgetting and to whom I offer eternal apologies. Also, a special thanks needs to go to both Pyro and Matt "Baggachipz" Curtis for their tech support over the years.

Now, I've come to the part of this article that I'm going to like the least. As much as I am loathe to do it, I have to thank Shawn "Certis" Andrich, for "… well, God, where do I start. How about this: thanks for being a stubborn pain in the ass. No, seriously, when it comes right down to the guy who actually moves things forward, takes good ideas and turns them into actual action, who just buckles down to the hard work while I float in the stratosphere of concept and theory, this is the best partner you could hope for. You could try and enumerate all the hats Certis wears on this site, but you'd just end up needing to open a hat store to sell them back off. He's the guy that keeps the lights on, that herds the kittens and that manages to think of the little things that I'd entirely forget about. His knowledge of gaming is encyclopedic, he's got a good writing voice when he exercises it, he "… can I stop complimenting him yet?! Just suffice to say, if there was no Certis there would be no GWJ.

You probably already knew that.

Five years is an accomplishment of which I'm mighty proud, but I'm more confident than ever that it's just the beginning. I feel like we're on a roll, and the last thing I want to do is lose any of that momentum. We've got a lot of plans for 2008 and year six. Stay tuned.

[edit: I will burn in the special hell for not mentioning Sway. Not only did he create the fantastic Infinite Lives, and contribute articles for the site, and bravely open a box in his attic; he even came with us to our first E3. Sway is the man, and I'm going to go write his name 500 hundred times as penance.]


Butt pats all around.

I came over when you guys split off from Evil Avatar but at the time the Goodjer voice hadn't been found and the front page was just rehashing the same stuff EA and Blues was doing. A few months went by, Infinite Lives became the reason I kept checking in and during one of those visits I realized that beneath the crunchy shell of the (then) not often updated frontpage (because you didn't want to be an EA or Blues either thank FSM) there was a forum community where the 13 year olds weren't spewing the F word about the PS vs Nintendo. After that, I stopped going to EA/Blues.

So when do the plush Rabbit Murdochs show up in the GWJ store?

Happy birthday!
Here's to another 5

Congrats on 5 years guys!

Here's to 5 more! Thanks for the great reads.

7inchsplit wrote:

So when do the plush Rabbit Murdochs show up in the GWJ store?

Oh, I hear we're doing a collection: in addition to your standard rabbit, Certis, and Elysium dolls, you get a pull-string version of me that gives such great and memorable quotes as "Kiss my ass," "My testicles have dropped and they're spectacular," "Khaaaaaaan," and of course, "I'd hit it." After that comes wave two, with *Legion* talking up his beloved Jaguars, TheGameGuru spouting off conspiracy theories about the Manning brothers, and a "Where on the doll did he touch you?" Mex.

Congratulations GWJ and of you that makes this place so great! I remember I end up being a daily reader since day one because I used to read a lot of Certis and Elysium news articles in Too bad I was a forum lurker for a couple years until I decided to sign up.

Man 5 years already? I don't know why, but that makes me feel old. :p

Anyways, congrats on keeping this crazy train on the rails.

Edwin wrote:

You forgot Sway for writing the comics!

I've been wanting to do a comic myself, but just don't have the money to stay on top of the consoles or all the latest games, so I've held off and just been randomly creating them myself (mostly about my adventures in WoW, Oblivion, and more recently Bioshock and TF2.

Still, I think I've been here for MOST of that 5 years, not including my sojourn. Definitely had some fun, self-deprecating times as well as some non-self-deprecating times.

Rat Boy wrote:

with *Legion* talking up his beloved Jaguars

As much as I love that topic, I'd be talking about SOCOM.

Besides congratulations to GWJ and everyone around it, I want to make a special mention of Certis as a podcaster. He has grown to be a great host with a nice voice, something that no one could demand from a guy that co-founded a website (I have no idea if he had any previous experience though).

Keep up the good work and thank you goodjers.

Many happy returns of the day!

Thanks for being there and offering such a well-managed site; it's (seriously) been a pleasure visiting every day, dipping into all of the forums and threads.

I've visited the format of the site and wish you all the best in getting it up and running smoothly and soon; I love it.

I can't believe I've been visiting here for three years.

I just hit my five year anniversary of registration yesterday. Keep up the good work and let's remember all the enjoyable times.

Edwin wrote:

I just hit my five year anniversary of registration yesterday. Keep up the good work and let's remember all the enjoyable times.

I completely agree!

gromit wrote:

Besides congratulations to GWJ and everyone around it, I want to make a special mention of Certis as a podcaster. He has grown to be a great host with a nice voice, something that no one could demand from a guy that co-founded a website (I have no idea if he had any previous experience though).

Mmmm ... good times.

PS: My previous experience was on the original GWJ Radio. I think my droning voice almost killed someone because it made him sleepy while driving.

Maybe a retrospective of all those who have come and gone and the significant events to happen on the board? God knows how many new goodjers have been born in the span of time.

5 years and it's a party!


I find it hard to believe that it's been almost a year since joining. 41 weeks to be exact. And all because of that Anti-Vanguard review that I so enjoyed reading. Makes me wish I had found this community sooner. 5 years is an incredible amount of time on the internet. I think there is a comparison to dog years in that internet years should be worth 10 a piece. So in internet years GWJ is actually 50 years old!

Keep up the good work fellows and keep fighting the good fight of game quality everywhere.


Still the only gaming site that I read every day and easily the best community in all the internets.

Guess I'm a little late to the party, serves me right for not checking the front page. Although I've only been here for half a year, the insight of the podcast and it's community has already influenced me greatly. The intelligent and mature discussion and commentary is unique and quite needed in today's muddled internet ocean. Where else could I have had a discussion of Halo 3 turn into one of Taoism?

I'm glad that I clicked that link on Joystiq's podcasts of the week and found this site and this community. Keep up the great stuff. *Ends salad tossing*

Congrats to all from the lurker brigade! Thanks for keeping a high quality and entertaining site.

Angel puppet.

Happy Birthday Gamerswithjobs, the best forum on the net

It's such a good community that I am glad to be part of, it's a big family

I am, like all the others here, also glad to have found this save haven on the internet. Thanks guys, and congrats on those 5 years.

I'm seeing a lot of "I come here every day" posts. Frankly, I find it disturbing. It may well be an indication in the impending downfall of western civilization. It's strong evidence corroborating all the columnists and pundits who deride Generations X and Y as self-absorbed, underachieving, layabouts, and it's about time someone put a stop to it.

Gaald wrote:

GWJ is the first, last and sometimes only site I visit when I surf the web, and it is probably responsible for sucking most of my time away when I do find myself in front of a computer.

That's just silly. I can't imagine anyone coming to this site that often. Perhaps once a week to check on the front page articles, or to listen to the conference call, but even that seems excessive. "The first, last and sometimes only site I visit"? That just seems unhealthy. I can't imagine how members of this community could ever hold a steady job with that sort of distraction. You should all seek professional help.

..Aw, I'm sorry baby. You know I was just kidding. I've always loved you!

Now come on over here and let me slip my finger in your pooper.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

So what do we get after five years? A gold-covered watch? A silver-covered pen? A whipped cream covered stripper?

I see a lot of recommendations for a "happy fifth." I'll try and do my part after work.

Happy birthday GWJ! For years I stayed away from sites like these because, well, visit the WoW forums and you'll know what I mean. My only regret is that I did not find this community sooner. GWJ is far and away the best gaming community I have ever encountered. Keep up the good work.

This is easily my favorite site on the internet and is still the only site I've ever donated money to. And I've done that multiple times now.

I'd wager that I've spent more hours staring at these forums than a lot of addicts have at their WoW characters. That's kind of gross now that I think about it, but I think I can live with it.

I hope we get another five years to go with the first set.


GWJ - the only place on the internet I would dare call home.

I know it's only 5 years old but from what I've heard out of it's mouth, I think it's time for "the talk".

KrazyTacoFO wrote:

I know it's only 5 years old but from what I've heard out of it's mouth, I think it's time for "the talk".

"Finger --> (condom) --> butt"?

wordsmythe wrote:
KrazyTacoFO wrote:

I know it's only 5 years old but from what I've heard out of it's mouth, I think it's time for "the talk".

"Finger --> (condom) --> butt"?

Man is finger herpes the worst.