Child's Play Launches Annual Drive


Every year gamers get together far and wide to help kids cope with having to be in the hospital by making sure they have videogames, toys, and other supplies to play with. It's not just a holiday thing; this helps out year round. So go to and see if your local hospital has got it's list up. If not, get them in touch with Kristen and she can help them get started.


Here's the press release with the relevent details.

World's Largest Game Community Charity Launches
Dates for Seattle Charity Auction Dinner Announced

Seattle, WA - November 2, 2007 - Child's Play ( is proud to announce the opening of its charity drive. The organization, which started as a fundraiser for the Seattle Children's Hospital, has since raised over two million dollars in toys, games and cash through its online toy drive and annual charity auction to over 45 hospitals worldwide.

"For the first ten months of the year, our community makes, plays and breathes games." said Kristin Lindsay at Child's Play. "Our holiday drive is not only an opportunity to share that joy with those that need it, but it's also a great way to show the strength of our culture."

Now in its fifth year, Child's Play has expanded its network of beneficiary hospitals to over 25 states and five countries across the globe with additional partner hospitals being added each month. Child's Play works in conjunction with to create wish lists for participating hospitals. Individual donors can choose to give new items ranging from toddler toys to music CDs, videogames, game consoles and accessories. Gifts are delivered directly to hospitals in need and are tax deductible as denoted by law.

The annual Child's Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction will be held Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. The semi-formal evening features a silent auction, dinner and live auction. In 2006 the dinner raised over $200,000 in one night, with all fundraising proceeds going directly to the Child's Play network of hospitals.

Child's Play is seeking corporate donations for giveaway at Children's Hospitals as well as auction items for the fundraising dinner. For information on how to become a corporate or individual donor or how hospitals can become involved please contact Kristin Lindsay at [email protected] or 206.274.0024.

About Child's Play

Child's Play is a non-profit organization begun in 2003 by Gabe and Tycho, the creators of the Penny Arcade comic strip, as a way to help sick children and show the world the softer side of people who play videogames. Through the generosity of gamers and the videogame industry, Child's Play has raised millions dollars in toys, games and cash for children's hospitals worldwide through an ongoing online toy drive and annual charity auction. Now in its fifth year, Child's Play is continuing to develop a worldwide network of beneficiary hospitals in order to brighten hospital stays for children internationally. For more information go to


So ... sickly children are the Game of the Week?

EDIT: Uh, was Game of the Week up all day Monday? I was at home and I could never see that it posted. Come to work this morning and - tada! Posted at 11am. Weird.

For what it's worth, I did some running around putting up posters and such for Child's Play. I also asked family to donate a gift in my name instead of buying me Christmas gifts, as well as donating some stuff myself. I have to say, it felt pretty good to be part of the gaming community that year.

So if you're one of those folks for whom people have a hard time buying, or routinely receive gifts that end up collecting dust in the closet, please consider asking friends and family to make a donation to CP instead. Those gifts are highly appreciated and will not be collecting dust.


It still sort of upsets me that none of the Chicagoland (children's) hospitals are part of this yet. Does anyone here have any connections with hospitals around Chicago?

I agree. I tried to rally the Chicago goodjers last year but failed to receive any responses (yet I can't find the thread for the life of me. I think it was the first thread I ever started. It exists. I swear!). Now that we all know each other, I was going to suggest trying again. This time we could just email the Kristin lady. I don't believe that info was provided last year and I emailed the hospital itself but received no response.

Get the names of who she should contact at the hospitals and send them her way. I know she'd be glad to see it. If you have any troubles, let me know and I can try to help keep you hooked up. She's also the coordinator for the Enforcers so I know how to get ahold of her.

I just emailed the address provided in the post. I'll post again when I receive a response. But don't let me hold you back. Take action yourself and hopefully Chicago's hospital will participate this year.

Kristin Lindsay wrote:

Hi Mike,

We have approached Chicago Memorial several times, but unfortunately they decided after reviewing Child's Play that we were not an appropriate charity match for them. Strange, but true.

Thanks anyways for the suggestion!


Hm. Well, the UofC has a relatively new children's hospital I think. Maybe I'll try that.

Well, that sucks. Sorry, Chuck. Thank you so much for trying.

And Smythe, let us know how that goes.

I'm sure the many other hospitals around here have pediatric wings. Should I look into that, too, or is there some sort of maximum average age limit?

Not to my knowledge. There are regular hospitals as well as "children's" hospitals on the list already. I say go for it - just send the contact info to Kristen.