2007 Donation Drive Winners!


The 2007 Gamers With Jobs drive is over and we can't thank you guys enough for all your support. We're humbled by your dedication to the site and the community it holds, we're going to work out butts off as usual to bring you the best we have to offer every week. But enough talk, it's time to announce the winners of the drive! It was with great anticipation we drew the names during the 50th Gamers With Jobs Conference Call as Ken Levine looked on.

Our Grand Prize winner of any console of his choice or a kick ass video card is... ElliotX!

The Second Prize winner of a PSP Lite or Nintendo DS Lite is ... Cartoonin!

Congrats gentlemen! Please PM Elysium or email elysium@gamerswithjobs.com your choice and your mailing address and we'll get those prizes on the way! There's more winners yet, folks. Read on for who get the first choice of the awesome remaining prizes!

The following people get to pick from the remaining prize pool in the order they were chosen. Oso, you're up first! Let us know in the comments what your choice is and PM or email Elysium with your mailing info!

3rd: Oso - Gift Card
4th: Yoyoson - DDR Universe for the Xbox 360
5th: Flinxz - GPS CoPilot Navigator
6th: Par - passes
7th: kilroy0097 - passes
8th: Killer Tomato - World of Warcraft Expansion
9th: Gumbie - DDR Universe for the 360
10th: Sephirotic - Titan Quest Expansion

Thanks again everyone, here is to another great year!


Congrats winners and thank you donors!

Oh my god, second year in a row, I win again. I must've been a saint in my past life.

I'm probably going to attract a considerable amount of aggro, but can I ask, how come there are 8 pool prize winners when I only count 7 pool prizes in the prize list thread? Perhaps my browser isn't showing me one of them or something? I haven't had a chance to listen to the pod cast yet..

Congrats all you wieners!

Yoyoson, I looked back and we have a copy of Lost Planet for the Xbox that is not listed in the original list which is available, so everyone add _Lost Planet_ for the 360 to the list of available prizes!

Yoyoson, please pm me your choice and address once you choose.

Shh. They key was to play into that melancholy and use that depression as one more weapon.. Thoughts were distracted, tears blocked vision, aim wavered as bodies were wracked by sobs and even the whir of chainsaw blades sounded dull from dragging them across the battlefield in dejected sorrow.

Wait. That was me. You were preying on my sadness. After Mystic read off the winners that were none of us, I put on some sad, emo music to fit my mood. Then proceeded to get back to the chainsawing and shotgunning.

Then proceeded to get back to the chainsawing and shotgunning.

... At least you have an Xbox to Gears to... No Gears for me until my Xbox gets back

Damn! I really wanted that card. Ah well, no Crysis in DX10 for me this year. Congrats everyone!

Darn it. I would have gotten away with it...except for those meddling kids.

Congrats to the winners, and here's to another great year of GWJ. See some of you on Steam in the near future.

Man, I never win anything! Well, except the 360 last year! Congrats to this years's winners!

Sorry for holding everything up. After several grueling hours of careful deliberation and a re-evaluation of the priorities in my life, I have decided to go with Dance Dance for the 360. Elysium, Ive sent you a PM.


Flinxz has chosen the GPS CoPilot Navigator for his 5th place prize

Congrats folks, another great drive concluded.

Elysium wrote:

Flinxz has chosen the GPS CoPilot Navigator for his 5th place prize

I'm jealous. My dad has one of those and it's super cool.

Friggin' sweet. I will send you my addy post haste.

Ok my turn eh? Since Ely flatly refused to give me a new knee I had to sit down and meditate all night on which item I should choose.

I believe I shall allow the good fellows at GWJ to keep my "prize" and pool it for the next event.

I didnt donate for a prize anyway... well... unless I won the GRAND prize then I'd be all over it


Next year, won't someone please donate a new knee for Par?!

So, Kilroy, you're up.

Go GWJ, Go GWJ, GO!!!!

Hmm well this is awkward. Par did exactly what I was going to do. I don't own a Xbox 360 so the Xbox games aren't something I need. I already own Titan Quest so that's not needed. I don't play WoW anymore and everyone I know who plays WoW already has the Burning Crusade. I wish that Brain Age 2 game for the DS was a prize, I could use that.

So at risk of being a copycat of Par, I'll have to also pass and donate my prize to a more needy individual.

As a more needy individual, I pick the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Collector's Edition that Michael so kindly donated.

We occasionally go through a "WoW was so great - why did we ever quit?" phase, and this will get us upgraded halfway to scratching that itch. Thanks to Michael for the donation, and all the goodjers for another great year!

Wow I can't believe I won something! I've had the podcast downloaded since Wednesday but I've only been listening while driving to work and such so I didn't even know I'd won till I heard it while driving to work this morning. WOOT!

Am I correct in saying there are 2 DDR's up for grabs? If so I'll take the other one, if not I'll take Tony Hawk Project 8. A big thank you to all the people who donated prizes.

Certis: "He's not an old timer, but he's a LOUD new timer" <--lol

That just leaves Sephirotic.

Grand prize and 2nd prize were mailed out today. Remaining prizes will be mailed out next week once I have everyone's choice and address.

So much love on the podcast! Yeah, I was registered within the first couple of weeks, and it's only NOW that I am donating. Much shame. Although, I still haven't reached a thousand posts yet.

I'll take the Titan quest! PMing stuff now.