Welcome To Gamers With Jobs

Wednesday marks what Certis and I think of as our official launch day.  Which is not to say we necessarily expect the flood gates to be hoisted and visitors to rush through in a titanic deluge of avid readership.  It is to say that today marks the day where we expect to make significant strides toward making this a necessary stop on the adult gamer's web cycle.  Have a look over the article detailing how Certis and I ever got it in our heads to undertake this endeavor to begin with, or click the read more button just down there, and find out more about GamersWithJobs.com.

You know, you can click those little comment buttons and interact with the site.  Or better yet, hit our freshly active forums.  Well, don't actually hit them.  Maybe tap them softly, instead.

Today marks what we think of as the official launch of the site, and as such we felt a decent introduction was in order. While we aren't pulling in many visitors yet, Certis and I hope to provide a regular stream of original content and timely discussion to keep that number growing. The site might seem a bit Spartan now, but I can assure you, we've got great ideas in store for you.

I should tell you a bit about what we hope to accomplish here, and why we struck out on our own in the first place. The ultimate goal of GamersWithJobs is to develop a strong and intelligent community, and to facilitate discussion on a wide range of issues relevant to the adult gamer. We want GamersWithJobs to be the kind of site you can secretly visit at work to chat on our forums, catch up on the latest game culture news, or read possibly entertaining commentary. We'd love for you to visit this site at home on your free-time. We'd love it even more if you kept this site in a secret desktop window at work. And you'd probably have us in delirious fits of euphoria if you checked in on us at both work and home.

To reach this end, we're going to seek out less news items daily than most other bulk news sites, but investigate those issues with a bit more depth. We have several features in the works, and plan to include the interviews and reviews that you've come to expect from a quality gaming site. Further, we make this vow: no pop-ups. While we can't promise there will never be any kind of advertising on this site, though we will avoid it for as long as possible, if we ever should be compelled to hock someone else's goods at you, we'll try to at least make sure it's something you might be interested in. Overall, we want to make this site a haven for the intelligent gamer.

To this end, we make a few assurances to you, and, in turn, we have a few expectations of our own. We'll try to keep a steady stream of original content, and keep discussion lively. We'll try to avoid biases. Though we will certainly have our personal preferences, we're going to try and not let that lead to inaccuracies in our reporting. We're going to have an open mind, and an open line of communication with our readers. Think we're wrong about something? Let us know. We're going to foster, and police, our comments system and forums. This is not to say we're going to stymie intelligent dialogue, or genuine disagreements, but that we want to avoid having bullies and trolls wreak havoc. Above all else, we're going to try and give you a reason to come back tomorrow, whether it be for a new editorial, a review, an interview, the news, or even the revival of my personal Soapbox. If you've got no reason to refresh, then we've fallen short.

In turn there are a few things we would like to see from our readers. The key to this site is going to be conversation. If you've got a moment, we invite you to visit and register with our forums (have you noticed how I keep linking to that?), or leave a comment to an article. If you've always wanted to shape the development of a new site, you're never going to get a better chance. But, and here's where we have our expectations, keep it intelligent, keep it reasonable. There are plenty of places on the internet to express your opinions using d00d speak; not here. There are plenty of places where you can fill posts with pointless invective; again not here. There are plenty of places to talk about warez, to have endless console wars, to shout obscenities for the sake of shouting obscenities, and so on. We're not interested in having that here. We think there are a lot of readers who aren't interested in reading that, and we want to be a home for them.

In the coming month look for a reintegration of our forum (there's that link again!) into the main website, as well as a simplified registration system - as of now, you need to register both with the site and the forum for full access. Also look for a wealth of new columns and regular features, plus a few interviews we're lining up to send your way.

So, again I welcome you to GamersWithJobs.com

- Elysium


You know, I read all that and I think I know less about what is going on than before.  But starting a new site is cool beans, so I raise my glass of merlot to you!


I simply want to bring this thread from its' restfull place to the front page where it should probably die again quickly.

Unless Mex hits it. Then it may find life as an NFL Cheerleader.