August 13 - August 17


What makes a good Game of the Week? Is it the game that will make the biggest splash, the most impact, the game that will be most widely talked about? If that's the case then I shouldn't even have to do an intro this week, I should just be able to post "Yo, Madden!" and then cross my arms all gangsta-like over my Fubu shirt with my hat cocked stupidly to one side. But, if I do that, aside from looking like a complete tool, wouldn't I just be part of the marketing hype that's been shoving that game down everyone's throat for years? I mean, despite a few initially positive reviews, the Madden franchise has been on the decline for years, and to slap it up as Game of the Week just because it's there ... well if I'm going to do that then I should just start charging companies for Game of the Week space as part of their marketing campaign. No, I'm sick to death of Madden, and until it stands as an example of a superior game instead of superior marketing again, I want nothing to do with it.

Certis suggests I put Persona 3 forward as Game of the Week, and I'm sure there's a contingent of you out there who have been eagerly anticipating this title. Doing so feels a bit like championing a David Lynch film, but Game of the Week is bigger than me. Heck it's bigger than all of us, and as far as I can tell the people who actually have played Persona 3, despite the repeated suicides, seem to love the game. Quirky, challenging, inventive and artistically unique, it's the kind of game that should be praised for its daring even as it will be eclipsed by the ultimate game of More of the Same. Madden and Persona are the opposite ends of the gaming spectrum, the regurgitated mass-market franchised behemoth vs. the daring and creative. So which side of that false dichotomy do I want to be on?


On DVD this week is something awful starring Tim Allen and John Travolta that I'm not even going to mention by title, and very little else.

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (08/14)
Madden NFL 08 (08/14)
Metropolismania 2 (08/14)

Luminous Arc (08/14)
Rune Factory: Fantasy Harvest Moon (08/14)
Madden NFL 08 (08/14)
Heroes of Mana (08/14)
Operation: Vietnam (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)
Dungeons & Dragons Tactics (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)

Madden NFL 08 (08/14)


A ballsy pick, I love it!
Games like this make me wish I hadn't sold off my PS2...ah well.

Weak week.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Weak week.


Thin_J wrote:
Quintin_Stone wrote:

Weak week.



You should have changed the column to Marketing of the Week and listed Madden.

Nicely done Elysium. I like that you didn't have to "hate on" Madden (excessively), just ask that it be a superior game.

Looks like Luminous Arc and Heroes of Mana for the DS got shoddy reviews. I know a few people are looking forward to D&D Tactics for the PSP but the screenshots turned me off. Hope they find what they're looking for.

I can use another break this week...maybe Persona 3 will make it to the bargain bin sometime when I have a lull.

I'm going to take this week to sharpen stakes in case Bioshock isn't next week's GotW.

I'll get the torches and pitchforks ready.

I'm glad this is a "weak week". Bioshock will consume me next Tuesday and I'm trying to whittle down the pile of shame as much as I can before it hits. The last thing I need is to be adding to the pile

That whole intro thingy there? Brilliant!

Persona 3 will be rented, eventually. Right now, I want to finish the not-quite-bad-enough-to-put-down Enchanted Arms.

Nap time!

I'll be finishing Chrono Trigger just in time for Bioshock. Excellent...

Heroes of Mana looks pretty cool. A true rts for the DS? We'll see.

Fracture wth Anthony Hopkins was also released and is actually worth watching.

ranalin wrote:

Fracture wth Anthony Hopkins was also released and is actually worth watching.

Oh, Funky. I did kind of want to see that. No HD release though means no buy for me.

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