Dwarf Fortress Interview At DQ


Despite the similarity of acronyms, I'm not suggesting that Dairy Queen has taken an interest in games about dwarves, but rather that our good friend Bill Harris over at Dubious Quality has put together a solid and in-depth interview with the creators of one of the most interesting independent games ever available for people who can tolerate ASCII generated gamespaces. As you know, we almost never do short links like this, but we loves us the Bill Harris, so be sure and check out his interview here.


Thanks for the link, Ely.
So good. This is one game that is worth it.

I've just recently jumped on the DF bandwagon, so i'll check this out.

Nice long interview. Looking forward to part two.

Thanks for posting that on the front page. Fascinating stuff.

This interview made me start porting my own textmode game to Win32, which is what I am doing now. I thought back in 1996 that nobody would be interested in textbased games no matter what the gameplay is like. Now one is turning heads in 2006 !

..and now I want Dairy Queen.