Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty-Six


Episode Twenty-Six - April 18th, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend, Blazing Angels, More Oblivion (I know, I know),
and Fletcher's Farewell.


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This is Gamers With Jobs Radio, the videogaming podcast that's sleeping with your mom. This week, Russ and Shawn talk about the new Tomb Raider, take a quick look at Blazing Angels, see what's shaking in Oblivion Land, read a boat-load of Viewer (Listener) Mail and make a Truly Startling Announcement. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin, and this is one Radio you won't want to miss.

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Music Track Listing

0:03:57 - At This Moment, Ian Dorsch
0:20:03 - GWJ Radio Main Theme, Ian Dorsch
0:24:27 - Podunk Stomp, Ian Dorsch
0:35:38 - Drunk in Shanghai, DJ Drunken Master
0:44:38 - Heavybeats, Elliot Feinberg
0:54:30 - GWJ Angry German Guy, Ian Dorsch
1:17:30 - Enya Face, Ian Dorsch
1:22:53 - At This Moment (With Balls), Ian Dorsch
1:25:03 - GWJ Radio Xylophone Theme, Ian Dorsch

TRT: 86min
File Size: 40MB

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Produced and Edited by: Russ Pitts
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I suspect a bad case of withdrawl will set in late Monday/early Tuesday. Expect symptoms similar to getting dumped by your girlfriend to follow.

bye, bye Fletcher...

*whistling* 'll miss you, miss you, miss you


Done that, whats next on the list?

Someone needs to get his nads shaved before he disapears for good.

Edwin wrote:

Someone needs to get his nads shaved before he disapears for good.

By the way... now that GWJ Radio is gone. What is going to happen to GWJ Video podcast?


Yes sad news for the listeners, but congratulations. I've really enjoyed the banter between the two of you. Great chemistry on the air, and you don't lack the reality I find missing from some of the radio programs that just sound way too "slick" ... like a morning drive show or something.

It will be a real challenge to find a substitute to GWJ Radio!