Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty-Six


Episode Twenty-Six - April 18th, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend, Blazing Angels, More Oblivion (I know, I know),
and Fletcher's Farewell.


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This is Gamers With Jobs Radio, the videogaming podcast that's sleeping with your mom. This week, Russ and Shawn talk about the new Tomb Raider, take a quick look at Blazing Angels, see what's shaking in Oblivion Land, read a boat-load of Viewer (Listener) Mail and make a Truly Startling Announcement. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin, and this is one Radio you won't want to miss.

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Music Track Listing

0:03:57 - At This Moment, Ian Dorsch
0:20:03 - GWJ Radio Main Theme, Ian Dorsch
0:24:27 - Podunk Stomp, Ian Dorsch
0:35:38 - Drunk in Shanghai, DJ Drunken Master
0:44:38 - Heavybeats, Elliot Feinberg
0:54:30 - GWJ Angry German Guy, Ian Dorsch
1:17:30 - Enya Face, Ian Dorsch
1:22:53 - At This Moment (With Balls), Ian Dorsch
1:25:03 - GWJ Radio Xylophone Theme, Ian Dorsch

TRT: 86min
File Size: 40MB

Gamers With Jobs Radio is produced by InsomniaCorp, in cooperation with Gamers With Jobs
Produced and Edited by: Russ Pitts
Music Director: Ian Dorsch
Hosting donated by: TheGameguru
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*Puts down 40 of Old E.

What week is this?

Edit: WOOT!!! Big ups to the Fletcher! Congrats buddy!

Going to listen to it in the next couple of days. Thanks boys!

Congratulations Fletcher!

lunabean wrote:

Congratulations Fletcher!

Indeed. Best of luck to you man.

Hey anychance if we all whine pretty hard, they'll let you write for GWJ?



Ah, nevermind, got to the part of the show where you already made up your mind.

Congratulations !!!

Bad news for me, your podcast was my favourite gaming activity during office hours

I listen also to Gaming Steve's podcasts which are good but not that fun. So, anyone knows other good/fun gaming podcast around?

Congrats, Fletch!

anyone wrote:

Congratulations !!!

Bad news for me, your podcast was my favourite gaming activity during office hours

I listen also to Gaming Steve's podcasts which are good but not that fun. So, anyone knows other good/fun gaming podcast around?

For PC gaming:

Computer Gaming World

For general gaming:

1up has their 1up Yours show.
Gamespot has the Hotspot.

Each of them are decent, but none have the personality that GWJ Radio had. I know PCGamer is going to be adding in ads soon, and CGW already does some (from their own network, but I'm sure that will expand soon).

Good luck Fletcher! Just draw one of our names out of a hat and send all your recording equipment on over. We'll (sniff) carry on without you.

Congrats Fletch...this is kind of a happy/sad moment.

I really look forward to this radio program every week. Hands down then best, funniest and most informative radio show.

Hope it comes back soon.

I haven't had time to finish the GWJ radio show but are you going to be at E3? And are you going to have to leave GWJ altogether? Oh ya and Congrats, the show has been awesome. It will definately be a shame to see it go.

Fletcher, you can still post in the forums right? Very happy to hear you can get paid doing what you love, even if it ends GWJ Radio. You need to exert your editorial power (once you are situated) to have them pull Certis in as a contractor to do Escapist Radio, brought to you by GWJ.

Congratulations! The Escapist rocks.

Now I'm eagerly awaiting Certis's Oblivion GWJ-fantasy level. If it can even come close to approximating the awesomeness of Elysium's 'The Movies' movie I will be might impressed.

This is sorta like having sex with a really hot girl and then finding out you got an STD from her..

its one of those bittersweet thingies people tell me about all the time.

Congrats Fletch...!

Haven't listened to the show yet, but from my reaction to the comments, you would think that I'd just been sentenced to death by snoo snoo.

Where's the SPOILER Tag?

Curses. You guys are my favorite podcast. Damn, I'm really depressed about this. I've got no place else to go!

I'm really going to miss the show.

Silver lining: No more Fletcher singing.

Just kidding, man! Congrats on the new job!

When I consider that this is Fletcher's last front-page contribution to GWJ, well, let's just say that my reaction is less than forcefully masculine. You have given us all so very much, Fletch; it is all we can do in return to issue congratulations, and to hope that you grasp the profundity of our appreciation for what you've done.

Congratulations on landing such and awesome job man! The show is definitely going to be missed, but I can't wait to see what you'll bring to The Escapist! Rawk on Fletch!

Sigh, all good things come to an end... eventually. Just look at it, first it was Black Isle, then 'Infinite Lives' by Sway and now Fletcher/GWJ Radio.

None the less, I'd like to say again Congrats and good luck, Fletch.

Best of luck to you Fletcher, you'll be missed on the Podcast, that's for sure. I'll echo what's been said already: the 'Gamers with Jobs' radio show is / was probalby one of the best podcasts around, and I doubt anything will come as close to just how funny and enjoyable it was. Listening to both you and Certis every week was like getting together with a couple of friends and catching up.

Congrats many time over, and I wish the best of luck to you!

I'm guessing The Escapist may be seeing a significant increase in readership after this. Grats Fletch!

Your work will be sorely missed around here, but I wish you all the best.

Also, I can almost guarantee you that the Escapist will be getting a notable boost in readership in the coming weeks. Now, about that Escapist Radio idea...

If you "lose" your job in the next year you always have a place here.

Congratulations Fletch!


I hate to see GWJRadio die, but... Congrats Fletch!