Donation Drive Winners!


Thanks again to everyone for supporting the site! It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the drive prizes for 2006. This list is from first to last, essentially giving a choice to each winner, in order of names drawn. Check out the prize list here!

First name drawn is.... Jayhawker! He choose the 360 Prize Pack!

Next picks are in order as shown:

2ND: Yoyoson - DS Lite
3RD: Psu_13 - Dead Rising
4TH: Haakon7 - Civ IV Expansion
5TH: Chum - Soap Basket
6TH: Nosferatu - Titan Quest
7TH: Minase - Eets
8TH: Nimcosi - Test Drive 360

Thanks again everyone, thank you all very much.


Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who made this possilble.

psu_13 wrote:

Hey wow! I never won anything before. What do I do now?

You PM me so I can tell you my preference and address, then you pass that info on to Certis.

Yoyoson wrote:

This weekend I'm going shopping for at least 3 or 4 all-black outfits. This is, of course, so that my DS and I will match, and not because of some weird fascination with Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park.

I hear Goldblum really dresses that way.

Congratulations, folks. Enjoy your booty!

That's fine, Yoyo. Lord it over me. You and your two DS's, and me with my none! Hehe

So, are each of the individual games a choice? As I understand it, I have to choose from:

Titan Quest
Civ IV
Dead Rising
Test Drive

Congradulations all. Enjoy all those lovely systems I can still only dream about.

Way to go guys! We'll get our loser revenge by getting a Pimp Slap or two in on ya in Saints Row Jay!

Congrats to the weiners.

PSU_13 gets the next choice! A game from the prize pool (not the 360 pack, but the other ones below) or the awesome soap basket from Deva. You can choose right here in the forum thread.

Yoyoson, make sure you send Elysium your mailing information!

Enjoy the new toys guys!

Congrats, all!

I forgot to mention that i demand that Yoyo redo his "For The Horde!!!" picture, same look on his face, but holding the new DS Lite right next to it. The image leapt into my mind unbidden immediately after Certis announced his name last night.

I bet those golden tickets make the 360 taste terrible.

The anticipation of choosing is murder.
Speaking of murder, where did winners 1 - 7 get to?

I'm waiting for my pick... just hoping everyone in front of me has a 360, so I can snag either the soap or Titan Quest.

After mulling it over on the way to DC this weekend, I think I've decided to let the next guy take his pick.

Edit: OH. I misunderstood the prize list completely. How about DEAD RISING for me. Sorry for the confusion. I am old and slow.

I sent my mailing info to Elysium this morning.

Awesome, nice choice! Haakon7 is next!

I'll take cIV, please. I know Minase wants TQ, and I don't own a 360, so that some delicious Civilizational goodness will do me nicely, thank you.

Again, Thanks to everyone, for everything. =)

PM sent, Ely.

EDIT: Look at me! Fast as fast can be!

Ok, Chum is up! The awesome soap basket, Eets and the other games are still on the table!

Congrats, everyone!

Robear wrote:

I found it interesting that the sentimental favorite prize on the chat preceding the drawing was....Deva's soap! She should be proud, crowd favorite and all.

Hee! I was about 5 minutes late, but I wish I'd heard it. That's y'all.

Haakon7 wrote:

So, are each of the individual games a choice? As I understand it, I have to choose from:


Not people. It's not people. Just because it's the silkiest, richest, most moisturizing natural bar on the planet does not mean it's made of people. Oh, and FIRST RULE! Sheesh.


Grats all! Oh well, I'll have to win next year when the prize is a PS3!

I'll take the soaps, please. Being able to parlay my enjoyment of this site into something my wife can appreciate? Priceless.

Paging Nosferatu. You have prizes!

Sorry, checking the list now, due to a lovely Charter error I was without internet and TV from Tuesday till today(Monday 10/2/06).

I'm not seeing Titans Quest as being taken so I guess I'll go with that

So close! Well, I guess the only game left that I can actually play is Eets.

I shot you an email but will post it here as well, it looks like Minase really wanted TQ, I am willing to take Eets instead so he can have it if the prizes haven't been sent out yet.

Eets goes to Nosferatu. TQ goes to Minase in a late round trade.

Minase, I need your address if you haven't sent that yet.