Donation Drive Winners!


Thanks again to everyone for supporting the site! It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the drive prizes for 2006. This list is from first to last, essentially giving a choice to each winner, in order of names drawn. Check out the prize list here!

First name drawn is.... Jayhawker! He choose the 360 Prize Pack!

Next picks are in order as shown:

2ND: Yoyoson - DS Lite
3RD: Psu_13 - Dead Rising
4TH: Haakon7 - Civ IV Expansion
5TH: Chum - Soap Basket
6TH: Nosferatu - Titan Quest
7TH: Minase - Eets
8TH: Nimcosi - Test Drive 360

Thanks again everyone, thank you all very much.


Congratulations guys.. for now.

Your untimely demise is being plotted as I type this.

Seriously though, enjoy the stuff!

Congratulations to those who won!

Congratulations you magnificent bastards!

awesome, good for you all! Yea I'm just red with envy

So much for beginner's luck. Congratulations everyone.

So the big question is if Jayhawker already has a 360 or not!

Congrats all!

GWJ likes me, they really really like me! I tried to pipe up, but the laptop is ill-equipped for TS.

(now if I can only convince the 4 in front of me to pass on the 360 -- did you know it doesn't even come with Blu-Ray??!)

Congrats to the winners, congrats to the site! I just wish I could have heard everything more clearly, that's a big part of the fun. My headset is destroyed, it was like trying to decipher code from a submarine, from atop a palm tree, with two coconuts and some twine. I'm sure if a nice shiny new headset was a prize I would have won based on need alone.

Ho-oly crap! I should have been on Teamspeak!
WOOOHOOO! I've never won anything! This is awesome!

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Seriously, Congrats everybody who was drawn. Thank you SO much to the site and to the community for keeping me sane during those long hours at work. Let me just say...

Best. Site. Evar.

Chum, I'll pass over the 360, if you can convince Jayhawk, Yoyo, and PSU to leave the DS alone.


[5min later]

Congrats guys!

[5min later]

... ... ... ... sigh...

Sorry to disappoint, but I do not have a 360! All I have is an original Xbox that is currently dying a slow death. So of course I have to choose the 360! What a fantastic package to boot!

This just topped the list of things I have won! Wow! Even my wife and daughter are jumping up and down! All I have to say is, GAMERS WITH JOBS RULES!!!!

Sorry I was not able to be show up for the live drawing. As luck (and I really mean luck) would have it, my daughter won tickets to the St. Louis Blues exhibition game tonight, so we were there. Yes, my wife is looking for something to win right now. We figure if we made the jump from preseason hockey tickets (the cheap $8 variety) to this Xbox 360 package, she should be due a car.

I guess this means no one will want to play texas hold'em with me now, as obviously I am just too damn lucky. Maybe all my luck is used up? We'll see.

Anyway, thanks to all the great folks at GWJ, and all the great folks that post here that makes this a daily stop whether I am in lurk mode, or post mode. Seriously, I am just that excited! Wow!

Thanks all,

Make sure you email Elysium your mailing info!

Yoyoson is next!

Cheers to the winners!

Congratulations to everyone who won anything! Certis, sorry I called your hair red...I was going off of the famous "Certis and Elysium sleeping together pic".

You gotta give me strawberry blonde, at least.

I didn't win? Inconceivable!

Congrats guys

Congrats Jay and to the rest of you. I raise a drink to you and my priz.. er.. your prizes.

You may have won the battle this time.. but you have not won the war! Muhahahahahaha... cough.. hah... hack.. heh.


Next year.. the soap is mine.

Congratulations to the winners. The losers... Well let's just say I am disappointed.

I won last year so it's only fitting I LOSE MISERABLY this year. Gratz, y'all.

And Jay, we'll be expecting to see a lot more of you now that we've given you a free XBox. Else we're coming to your house and taking it back for Yoyoson (and by extension, FOR THE HORDE!).

Congrats to all the winners!

Congrats Folks. And Congrats to this site for remaining unique.

Congratulations, and huge thanks to everyone who donated!

I wanted my soap..

Even my wife and daughter are jumping up and down!

This is perhaps the greatest prize: getting your family excited about games!

I'm sorry Haakon, but I'm afraid I'm claiming the DS lite. Since I've already got an older DS, I've been going back and forth a bit over whether I want to spend the money to get a lite. But now I don't have to think about it anymore. I'm going with the DS lite as my choice!

This weekend I'm going shopping for at least 3 or 4 all-black outfits. This is, of course, so that my DS and I will match, and not because of some weird fascination with Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park.

Thanks to all the readers, writers, admins, and lurkers who make this site a constant source of entertainment and goodness in my life.

The Duke of York

Congratulations on the winners!

I may be mistaken, but I think you can buy some.

Hey wow! I never won anything before. What do I do now?

Congrats to everyone who has joined the leet fraternity of GWJ winners!

I found it interesting that the sentimental favorite prize on the chat preceding the drawing was....Deva's soap! She should be proud, crowd favorite and all.

Woo, congratz to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners!