Donation Drive '06 - Year of the Console


Ah, tis that time of the year again where, for two weeks, I put some seed-change in my empty Campbells soup can, wear my most pitiful expression, and beg you all to support our site-running habits for another year. We, like most webmasters out there, know that eventually running a gaming site won't give us the same high it once did, will ruin our lives, drive away our friends and family, and leave us penniless talking about that one time we totally hung out with Peter Moore at E3. Kids nearby will ask, "What's E3?". I will weep fat tears.

But, for now, put that sad image out of your mind, and support by sending your donation through PayPal to [email protected] (snail mail option available below).

As always, we try not to come to the party without our own gifts for you in return, and we are offering a brand new icon for our amazing four-year donors, and several prize packages, topped by our grand prize this year:


A Complete XBox 360 Prize Package including:
XBox 360 Premium Console
Extra Wireless Controller
Wifi Adapter
12 Months of Xbox Live Gold
Remote Control
Dead Rising
Xbox Live Unplugged
Test Drive Unlimited
Saints Row

Oh, but wait, there's more. Read on for details on elligibility requirements, how to enter and win, more great prize packages, and how to double, triple, and quadruple your entries into the prize drawings!

How To Donate

We offer two ways to donate, snail mail and PayPal.

Paypal Email: [email protected]

Also note the handy dandy donate button to the left.

If your forum name is not obviously recognizable from either your buyer name or email address you used with paypal (so that I know immediately from the transaction info who sent the donation), then please send a separate email to me at [email protected] with the subject GWJ DONATION including the dollar amount, your real name, site name and email from which you sent the donation. If you don't, you may not be eligible for the prizes or your donation icon!

Snail Mail – Please note, all snail mail donations must arrive before September 20th to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. Send early! –

Gamers With Jobs
Attn: Sean Sands
PO Box 177
Savage, MN 55378

The donation drive will run through 11:59pm September 20, 2006, at that time the link to the paypal donation links will be taken down, and no more donations will be accepted until the next drive.

As always donors get a special forum icon added to their name. Readers who have donated once get a golden key, twice gets a gold watch, three donations gets the iconic weiner bomb, and our new fourth year icon ... well, watch for it over the coming days.

The Prizes:

Only residents of North America are eligible to win prizes (we're sorry). Staff of GWJ and their families are not eligible to win (staff of GWJ being defined as anyone who has had posting privileges to the front page).

Grand Prize – A Complete XBox 360 Prize Package courtesy of Gameguru including:


XBox 360 Premium Console
Extra Wireless Controller
Wifi Adapter
12 Months of Xbox Live Gold
Remote Control

Plus these games!


Other Prizes (Watch this space as more prizes are usually added as the drive goes on):


Nintendo DS Lite Special Black Edition System and games (Games included TBA)



Customized Soapy Hollow Gift Box including: 4 soaps of your choice, Soapy Sock, Aromatherapy Spritz and Aromatherapy Salts designed to your specifications, 1 bottle of aromatherapy designed cocoa butter lotion or Monoi body butter and five vials of theraputic essential oil blends. Soapy Hollow: We want you naked and wet. (Thanks to Duckideva, nice logo!)



1 Copy of the PC Game that every Demiurge I know who went to PAX has been raving about in the cafeteria, Eets


Thanks to Propagandalf!


How to Win :

As always we offer multiple entries for those of you who donate a little more.

The scale for this year is the same.

Donations/Entries into the drawing (U.S. funds)
$10 - $24 = 1 entry
$25 - $49 = 2 entries
$50 - $74 = 3 entries
$75 and up = 4 entries

Only one prize per person! Date and time of the live grand prize drawing to be announced.

One more big thank you goes out to Gameguru for putting together a great grand prize! We can't wait to see who the big winner is this year.


Nice wheels!

I notice a distinct lack of motherf*cking snakes on my motherf*cking car.

<--- I've been promoted to Cab Driver!

Ooooooh golden car, I sure hope the company is paying for the gas, it's going to be a guzzler!

Contribution sent! Looking forward to the Rolex.

I wonder if I have my 'Company Exploding Weiner" yet.

/EDIT Sure do! Yay!

Huzzah! I, for one, welcome our new weinerbombmobile overlords. Please don't let the success go to your head and try to only take up one spot in the garage!

Elysium wrote:
How's the sponsoring going?

You know that commercial where it says that just pennies a day will keep a young child fed ... you see where I'm going with this.

which one? Is this the one where you walk around with $400K worth of electronics gear among the processorless and talk about how they are so in need of new computers? Or the one where you stroll around with an Apple II talking about how just $5 could uprgade them to a x386 processor?

Sent today. Thanks for the oppurtunity to get some new gaming equipment! I enjoy the site and the people interaction included.

If only the search feature worked...

Wait, that key wasn't for the bathroom? What the hell did I go to the bathroom in?

Donation away, looking forward to my key. If I donate three more times, can I get the car?

Donation away, looking forward to my key. If I donate three more times, can I get the car?

Over the next three years, sure

Um...Why'd my car go away?

Robear wrote:

Um...Why'd my car go away?

You had one? I haven't applied it to your account yet, Elysium is dragging his heels on getting a fresh list to me

Certis is right. There is heel dragging. I plan to pick up my heels this weekend.

I thought I had one, the day I donated. Maybe I was anticipating. But I could have sworn...

Donated and emailed (i guess it is one in the same when you Paypal...)

I can;t remember how many donates this is for least 3.

Donation sent... the bomb is mine.

Donated. I am pretty sure that is a quartz though, I don't think we can afford Rolex's.

The guy on the street said it was totally Rolex.

Finally got new checks, finally sent off donation in super-cutesy, wife-approved check form!

A new fleet of tags went out, we're still catching up though. We'll post a master list once we're up to date along with the drive update

Donation sent. Thanks for the great site guys.

Though I better win something soon or I might stop donating. Seriously. That is a threat. I really mean it, so you know, do what you need to do. GIMME THE XBOX!

Err.. ahem. Yes, keep up the good work.

I hope you have plenty of Xbox 360s, because I expect one too. I don't care if this is my first year donating.

Seriously, I think this is a great site, even though I spend much more time lurking than posting. I love the collection of opinons that have gathered here, and I was glad to help keep it running.

So give me the 360, dude!

I remember one of the donation drives where we can donate games and stuff to be offered as prizes. Is that to never happen again?

Edwin - you can cut out the middle-man and just donate them directly to me.

I was just going to say done but my paypal account is screwed up.....This might take a couple of days to fix....

So, I sent in my PayPal donation. Now, if you want to drag me back into the gaming world, send the 360 to:

Mars Hall
Attn: Marsman
Mars, Solar Galaxy 0U812

The WiFi adaptor is cool by itself. Gotta catch 'em all, I'm almost out of cash! Hire me! argh!

I'm still peeing in the sink.

I won something! :shock::grin:
So uhh, what games are included with the Black DS Lite?

Now if only they had "a KrazyTaco night with Mex" as one of the prizes...