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I woke this morning to a forum with very sad news. One of our own here at GWJ passed during the night. One_of_47 has been a member of this community since the very beggining, was one of the first 100 members to register with us, generously donated both his time and his money in supporting us, and was an amazing contributor to both the discussions and our community. He was also a husband, and a father, and far too young to leave this world.

I know that the news has struck me, as I become very attached to the names, and characters, and people who populate our tiny corner of the web, so I can only imagine the pain and grief that must be visiting his family on this sad morning. I can do nothing more than share their sadness in some small way, and tell his family that he will be missed by more people than he might have known.

I ask you all that knew him both to offer in the thread a quiet and tasteful word to One_of_47's memory and his family. Remember and celebrate his life as you mourn his passing.

We will all miss him here at GWJ.


To One_of_47...

buzzvang wrote:

To One_of_47...



Oh my God. Sincerest condolences! I'm just stunned.

My deepest condolences to One_of_47's family.

buzzvang wrote:

To One_of_47...




Condolences to a fellow gamer

I didn't read this front page post until after I had read the sad news posted by One_of_47's wife. She did a very poignant thing in that post, and I see it as a tribute to him, to his hobby and love of gaming and an honor to us that she logged in to his account to let us know he was saying goodbye for now. We should all be so lucky to be that loved, and that well understood by our life-mate. I just want to add here that GWJ is a such a sweet little family in its own right, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. Rest in Peace, Joe. My love and support go out to the loved ones he left behind.

I'm deeply sorry for the family of One_of_47 loss.
He will certainly be missed by everyone on these forums.

Lots of strength to the family and close relations of One_of_47. Deep, deep condoleances...

Have not posted here in a long while... but I remember discussions with good 'ol 47. My heart and prayers go out to his family.