While the focus here at the Gaming Report is firmly on the hard hitting, action packed, explosive world of straight laced journalism, we often forget there is a more human side to the news. Occasionally a story that comes along that is just too gripping for the average report. A story that makes you say "No, not right now. This is too engaging and personal, we need to save this for just the right time." The right time turned out to be now. Now more than ever, we need to stop and remind ourselves of the personal side of gaming. To stop and reflect on the people and culture of gaming while the staff of the Gaming Report slip out early and catch a matinee. Read on for a glimpse of the other side of gaming journalism.

Gaming Now Considered "Mainstream" In America
by monkeyman187

Gaming has been relegated to the backrooms of comic book stores, the garages of unwitting relatives or the basements of disappointed parents for far too long. I know the personal shame I've felt from my poor complexion, hygiene and caustic attitude that all come from playing video games has caused many awkward social situations. However all that is about to change, as gaming has now become mainstream.

Gaming became mainstream on Tuesday when Brad Pitt, on national televison no less, actually touched a Playstation controller. Clearly this is cause for celebration by gamers everywhere. Not only is Brad Pitt considered cool and hip by the mainstream audience, he has actually touched a Playstation controller with the same hands he has used to touch Angelina Jolie's breasts. This disproves the urban legend that after touching a game controller you can never touch a woman's breasts again. So Suzie, I'm expecting an apology. Now that gaming has been accepted as mainstream, gamers can go outside in pride, no longer worried about being harassed for being "wierd", "creepy" or "in violation of a restraining order". Thank you Brad Pitt, for finally setting the record straight.

Nintendo Wii to Ship With Smell Capabilities?
by strolo

The Nintendo Wii is set to launch in the fall of 2006 with the inclusion of the "Wiimote", a new way of controlling games using the controller as a pointing device. This is indeed a revolutionary model of input for a home game console, and it would seem that this is the major interface innovation of the Wii. But is it?

For instance, Nintendo could very well launch the Wii with a device that could emit several types of smells depending on the current situation of the game. Some people say this is likely, though this is entirely speculative. Games could be written to take care of this new "Wiiscent" technology, by outputting smells in response to game events. A series of games similar to the Wario Ware series seems likely that take advantage of the "Wiiscent" to experiment with the new gameplay types available.

The "Wiiscent" technology would be likely to be refilled with cartridges in order to continue outputting different smells, which would probably increase the price of the Wii system itself initially. Furthermore, some people say you could expect to pay anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 for a "Wiiscent" cartridge.

Hilarious Picture Posted
by potani

Hilarity ensued on the internet today as a frequently updated and popular blog posted a particularly hilarious picture. The picture depicts a popular character in a rather awkward/amusing situation, and gaming news sites everywhere rushed to come up with the cleverest pun to describe the picture. Several cute remarks were made regarding the character in question, then most gaming sites followed this up with another series of puns and bad jokes. Some sites went the extra mile and made self-depreciating comments about the absolute lack of news in the post, then continued to post it anyway. The popular character could not be reached for comment at this time.

Major Nelson Uncertain About Xbox Live Future
by monkeyman187

The future of Xbox Live is currently in flux, as speculation abounded as to what the next generation of Xbox after the Xbox 360 would feature as far as what would be on the Xbox Live Dashboard System Settings panel. Specifically, what would appear in the third slot down on the list. Here's what Major Nelson of Microsoft had to say.

Monkeyman187: Major Nelson, in the next-next gen of Xbox Live, it seems likely that the Xbox Dashboard will feature a System Settings panel. Or a Video System Settings panel. Or an Advanced Video System Settings panel. In that panel, can you comment on which item will be listed in the third slot down from the topwise left, regarding only checkboxes, select boxes and freeform text entry fields? If so, what might the background color be?

Major Nelson: what?

Major Nelson's initial confusion on the subject can only mean one thing, shakeups in the Xbox Live division at Microsoft. Clearly Microsoft's edge in the online console arena is in jeopardy, if such a simple question results in confusion from the main Xbox Live representative in the community. Could this mean an end to the Xbox Live legacy? We'll have to find out in 2011 when the next Xbox is scheduled to be released. Unless it's not, then we'll just find out whenever.


Its really sad how true this all is. Everytime I see it happen, I shake my head in disappointment and then continue to read gaming news sites anyway. I really wonder why.

Those Wiiscent cartridges will be sold like a whole bunch of scents in one module (=one SKU), like HP's Inkjet printer cartridges, and you'll have to shell out for a whole new cartridge when one scent runs out, say, the "sweet" one -- even when you have plenty of "sour" remaining in the old cart.

Deep. This kind of insightful commentary cuts to the heart of the issues. I see a Pulitzer in your future, Pyroman. If you accept it as "Pyroman" I'll give you $5.

This was a great wrap up. Funny stuff. Oh, hey, I'm in for another $5 if you accept as Pantsless Pyroman.

duckideva wrote:

This was a great wrap up. Funny stuff. Oh, hey, I'm in for another $5 if you accept as Pantsless Pyroman.

Wow, you read my mind. Except I was going to offer $10. Don't be stingy. It's for a good cause.