Welcome Rabbit and Malacola!


Please join me in congratulating the "winners" of our latest Call For Writers: Rabbit and Malacola. Now, I know what you're thinking. Who the hell is Rabbit and/or Malacola; and the answer is: I have no idea, but they sure write purty. One is relatively new to the site and bounds fearlessly from lurking wallflower to center stage in a single bound, and the other has elected to adopt a new persona to protect, what he assures me, is his innocence. I'll never tell.

Their submission pieces share similar themes, but approach the questions they raise from interesting and unique angles. Their voice, originality, and eloquence is what struck me most, as they craft two very conversational pieces that engage the reader directly with a deftness that is far more difficult than it appears. I was blown away by both articles, and I hope that you will be as well.

Malacola and Rabbit will be posting their submissions as a front-page introduction late tonight or tomorrow, and I sincerely hope you enjoy their contributions now and in the future. So, join me in welcoming GWJ's latest front-page voices. Welcome to the gig, Rabbit and Malacola.

Congratulations on winning your non-paying, intensely demanding, and often thankless job! Also, beware the casual inappropriate touching. Butt pats all around!


So Malacola had a previous username?

Yay! Welcome and congradulations! May you both succeed beyond your wildest hopes.

So Malacola had a previous username?

I say again, I'll never tell.


Big congrats you two! And remember...good touch; bad touch.

Congrats to both of em!


Congratz (ya filthy bastards)

Congrats Rabbit and Malacola! I look forward to reading your future articles.

I hope Malacola means something different, because I happen to enjoy cola and the drinking thereof.

Have fun, you both, looking forward to reading your stuff. You're part of one of the best sites on the intrawebs, be proud!

rabbit wrote:

Danjo nailed it

I like this guy.

Elysium wrote:
So Malacola had a previous username?

I say again, I'll never tell.

Yeah, like we won't pry it out of him sooner or later. Any inappropriate touching in the process is bonus.

Congratulations, to the both of you! Make your respective daddies proud

Elysium wrote:
So Malacola had a previous username?

I say again, I'll never tell.

It's Derek Smart!

Looking forward to the articles from you guys. Well, actually, Malacola's article is already up...

Watch out, Malacola and Rabbit. He's not kidding when he says "Butt-pats all around". That law is strictly enforced.

Good thing I wear steel underwear then...

Thanks for all the kind wishes.

Congrats. I'm looking forward to your "stylings."

I think they are both Bill Harris. Protecting his "innocence", indeed.

Seriously, congratulations to both of you!

Congratulations you two. You better be awesome. . .

Just kidding.

I look foreword to reading some good stuff! Grats guys!

Well done sirs!

And to add fuel to the conspiracy theory fire:

Hmm, let us think here? Who recently was place in a position where he would need to change his name in order to write for GWJ? Who do we already know as a wonderfully talented writer who could easily put the submissions of over thirty people to shame?

All I know is that I'm looking forward to GWJ Radio starring Certis and Malacola, the man with the voice that sounds oddly like it is always passing through an Xbox Live voice filter.

... a guy can dream, can't he? I'm sure the both of you will make fine additions to the crew, even the chances are slim that one of you is secretly our beloved former TechTV producer.

Congratulations, both of you.

Congrats, looking forward to the debuts.

Welcome and good job!

Hehe, this actually means Malacola could have congratulated himself on this thread

Just to make an impression on the readership, their respective first articles should be anti-Firefly and anti-Oblivion tirades. You know, as an initiation rite.