Call For Writers - Final Update


As the final hours to the deadline approach on our call for writers, and the last of the submissions trickle in we are beginning to make our decisions. Thanks a lot for not making it easy, people!

With an absolutely remarkable 35 submissions sent in, what strikes me most is the strength and originality in almost every article. I had imagined that I'd sort through a dozen or so pieces with only a few showing any real promise. Instead I get a metric ton of outstanding prose, with at least a third, and probably more, clearly up to the standards we have set for the site. It is almost painful thinking about the outstanding writers we will have to pass on in just choosing the final two. Were we to judge on writing ability alone we'd have eleven new writers next week, so how we will trim that down is a terrifying and thrilling prospect to me.

Even more remarkable is that I did not receive a single article that I would consider poor. That, more than anything else, absolutely shocked me. You people are a talented lot, and I thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your thoughts and perspectives. It was, I assure you, excellent reading.

We are planning to announce the winners this Thursday.


That's it people, time to start sending in your bribes!

Fantastic news Ely... I can't wait to read some of the submissions!

May I make a suggestion? Why not rotate everyone who wants to write in and out? Let everyone get their write it were.

It's a vastly talented pool, many different voices from all walks of life and philosophies, why not have a pool of articles from which to pull?

Just an idea. (I realize that such a pool would require editorial management, but I'd be willing to step up to the plate and help with that, if you'd like.)

We don't want too many voices on the front page at any given time, too many cooks in the kitchen

It really goes to show you how awesome your fellow gwj are! Thanks for the complement, and I hope you are able to find the writer you are looking for. I know we will all benefit no matter who you decide on!

Perhaps you could have a "back page?" It would definitely be an editorial commitment for someone, but as deva said, with such a talented pool to choose from, it would be nice to have a "voice of the people." Perhaps just a forum which is more heavily moderated.

As a submitter, I wish everyone the best in being awarded the two open spots.

May the best man/woman/highest bribe win.

Certis and I discussed a few alternatives, but decided to stick with our original proposal of bringing on 2 writers. It is a firm decision for now. One thing we do like about our writing staff is their ability to create an identity, and we don't want the pool to be so large that readers lose track of individual voices. In this case the 'too many cooks' analogy holds well.

We are holding on to the submissions, however, and may have opportunities that develop on down the road for these talents.


I did not receive a single article that I would consider poor.

I for one already feel like a winner!

A true testament to GWJ awesomeness: people are willing to bribe GWJ to do what they would be paid for on The Escapist!

Oh. man. That's opening a can of worms.
I just like the humor that I have found here and as Elysium said, ". . . a voice." I for one agree and look forward to the new additions. I think I need to drop comments in here more often. Enough of the wall flower act.