Write For GWJ! (call for writers)


As we bid farewell to one of GWJ's most prolific and creative voices, we look at the same time toward the future of the site. The (temporary?) loss of one feature spells the opening for new voices to be introduced, and while we do loves us our Fletcher, we also love the opportunity to introduce new and incredibly varied talents to our readership. After all, Fletcher himself came to us via an open call for writers in the aftermath of losing the equally valuable and talented Sway. So, now we call once again to our readers and bid the next talent forward. We are looking for gifted writers with an engaging and unique voice.

There is work involved, of course, but for someone out there with the talent and interest, there is a spot on the GWJ roster for your voice. Details for entry and what we're looking for are below.

The Short of It:

- We are looking for 2 writers
- We are going to be choosy, and are looking for untapped, raw talent that is open to development.
- If you're interested in writing for GWJ on a permanent basis, craft an article related to gaming (editorials and reviews are fine) of approximately 1,000 words.
- Submit your piece as an attachment (.doc, .pdf, or .txt) to elysium@gamerswithjobs.com with the subject Call For Writers Submission.
- Be clear, insightful, readable, witty, and smart.
- We will be accepting submissions through May 1st

The Long of It:

We are looking to expand our writing pool by two, should two solid candidates present themselves. We seek one regular writer, primarily of editorial content, who is willing to contribute one full length article at least once every other week. This person will be expected to have a strong voice, engaging writing style, and ability to speak to a breadth of gaming related topics. We are looking, in short, for a writer of untapped talent.

We are also looking for a periodic writer who will be invited to occasionally contribute editorial and review material. This writer will be expected to submit at least one piece every three weeks. Technical proficiency, and a clear, clean voice are no less important here.

Promises of fame and fortune would be, I think, as blatant a lie as I could manufacture in such a short span of time, however, it's not completely without precedent that writing for the site has been the springboard to bigger and better. We take pride in seeing some of our most significant contributors build a portfolio of work and experience with us here that they are able to turn into the beginning (or middle) of a writing or editorial career, and for those of you interested in testing the waters of writing in the gaming industry "… well, there are worse places to start. You will find one of the most supportive and free environments in which to write as, perhaps, exists on a site of any credible size.

What I am looking for is talent and potential, so if you think you've got the chops for writing, and you wouldn't mind a few thousand close personal friends giving you a read every few weeks, then write up roughly 1,000 words on your favorite gaming subject and send it to elysium@gamerswithjobs.com as a .doc, .pdf, or .txt with the subject Call For Writers.

I look forward to seeing the talent of our community!

- Elysium


duckideva wrote:

...as it turns out, I don't really have that much to say about gaming.

(sigh) the dream is broken

Man, I forgot how fun it is to write! Thanks to Ely and Certis for giving me the kick in the rear I needed to write again.

Yes, I wrote something! Now all I have to do is edit it!

Thank You Dreamfall.

Well, I submitted my entry. I'm new to the site but I've been addicted to the podcast for the last couple of months. Good luck everyone!

Crap. I was sick all weekend and didn't get to make my last set of edits. Hopefully the powers that be won't mind me submitting late on the 1st.