Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty-Four


Episode Twenty-Four - March 28th, 2006

Starcraft: Ghost Delayed, Valve Disappointed with Half-Life 2 and more!

... oh yeah, and Oblivion.


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This is Gamers With Jobs Radio, the videogaming podcast that you can download for free. Amazing! This week, Russ and Shawn talk about Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Shawn's played it. Russ has played it. They've both played it. And they're going to talk about it. There's also some other news, but really, who cares? They've got Oblivion, and they're playing it. You're lucky they even bothered to record the show at all.

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JimmDogg wrote:

Fletch, I have a great link for you.


Staats wrote:

Anyone else think Fletcher sounds extra cheery?

If I had gotten a random XBox 360 gift, I'd be so extra cheery I'd sound like I had bedded half of the Victoria's Secret models.

Another great show guys even if you both seemed a little distracted at times, but who can blame you Oblivian just kicks major ass.

As far as the free 360, well I would have probably passed out and killed myself in the fall. Congrats on the new toy Fletch, and kudos to who ever got him. Such a great community here.

A fine show as usual but I would have appreciated some spoiler warnings on the vampire info

I think I'm just pissed I can't put the time into the game to find out for myself.