Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Twenty-Two


Episode Twenty-Two - March 14th, 2006

Free Xbox Live Weekends, Congress Thinks Games Are Bad For You, Black, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Chibi-Robo and more!


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This is Gamers With Jobs Radio, the only podcast with a full ten minutes of giggling about absolutely nothing in every show! This week, Russ and Shawn review Black, Chibi-Robo, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and more! Plus we'll take a look at Why Hilary Clinton Thinks Games Are Bad For You, Xbox Live is Now Free (for the weekend) and the Big News About Guitar Hero. This week featuring hot, new music tracks from Lance Hayes, AKA DJ Drunken Master and a brilliant cover of Strong Bad's Trogdor the Burninator by our very own Ian Dorsch. Load it up and talk dirty to it. It likes that.

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Music Track Listing:

0:03:48 - GWJ Radio Main Theme, Ian Dorsch
0:05:32 - Podunk Stomp, Ian Dorsch
0:14:23 - This is DJDM, DJ Drunken Master
0:19:14 - Super Fly Mix, DJ Drunken Master
0:20:52 - Trogdor, Ian Dorsch
0:32:05 - Choice Slices Fina Mix, DJ Drunken Master
0:41:56 - Butterflyed Eyes (DJDM High Society Mix), DJ Drunken Master
1:00:08 - GWJ Dark Mood Remix, Ian Dorsch
1:04:07 - Love Theme V07, DJ Drunken Master
1:11:16 - Pillars of Versailles, DJ Drunken Master
1:15:04 - GWJ Angry German Guy, Ian Dorsch
1:26:39 - Podunk Stomp, Ian Dorsch
1:31:28 - GWJ Xylophone Theme, Ian Dorsch

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Music Director: Ian Dorsch
Hosting donated by: TheGameguru
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