GWJ Swag Has Launched!


It has been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to sell the next run of our official Gamers With Jobs swag. Finally, you can wear your Wiener Bomb with pride and answer uncomfortable questions at work about your Gamers With Jobs mug!


Big thanks to Elysia for designing the t-shirt and Gameguru for whining at me for two years to have GWJ mugs made. Your efforts are very much appreciated! What, you don't know what a Wiener Bomb is? Represent!


Certis wrote:

Notice how the mug stands up to even the most manly of crushing grasps

Awesome pic! Fearless.

It's from all the heavy lifting or clubbing the seal.

I'm not sure if anyone else is having problems again, but I placed a Space Invaders T-Shirt order on August 30th, I was charged immediately, got the "Order Processed" email, and nothing since.

Also, I'm pretty disappointed that they returned none of my emails into the issue, and their contact number has a generic voicemail message and they don't seem to return any calls. It just seemed a bit "shady" to me...

Any ideas on who to smack around to get this moving?

I'm looking into it, I know they were on pre-order, but they should have started shipping earlier this month.