Gamers With Jobs: Press Pass Launches!


Today, we are very excited to reveal our next big project: The Gamers With Jobs: Press Pass. The Press Pass ( is the result of the same basic desires that inspired us to create GWJ in the first place, a realization that we were looking for a gaming news site with a particular style and community that we simply couldn't find anywhere else. So, instead of settling for the wasteland that has become the current model of news delivery, we decided to try and create our own realm, our own quiet and hopefully better shelter in this corner of the internet. The mission of the Press Pass is simple: deliver gaming related news at a higher standard. That means offer something in every article that isn't available anywhere else; inspire intelligent conversation; look for the deeper story, and be a news and information source instead of a copy and paste instrument of gaming PR. There are deeper stories to be told, more to the news than press releases, and a better method than dealing in quantity before quality. So we invite you all to visit the newest addition to the GWJ family: The Press Pass.


Now! Many of you probably have questions, concerns, comments, derisions, jubilations, asides, quips and hyperbole that you'd like addressed. Let's see if I can't tackle some of the biggest issues right off the bat. In short, what does the Press Pass mean for the GWJ you've come to know and be mildly attracted to in a manly platonic way?

I want to stress this, so pardon my bold: The Press Pass will in no way affect GWJ as we know it.

We were deliberate and conscious in creating the Press Pass as a completely separate and independent site. We feel as I suspect many of you do that anything that could threaten the existence and integrity of Gamers With Jobs is not a risk worth taking, which is why regardless of how the Press Pass fares, the end result will not change what you've come to expect from GWJ. This site, Gamers With Jobs, is our primary concern, and always comes first. That was rule #1 in creating a second site.

The site is on its own server, and no donation money given to GWJ will ever be used for the Press Pass. No features or articles that have been featured on GWJ will be moved to the new site. No writers for GWJ will be required or expected to contribute, though we have offered all our writers the opportunity to do so if they wish so long as it doesn't interfere with their ability to perform for this site. The Press Pass does not share a user database with GWJ. To be simple, if not brief, the Press Pass is nearly as separate from GWJ as any other site on the net. Concretely, the two share only some trademarks and an RSS feed.

To that end we've brought a few people you might know on as our initial staff. I'd like to start by thanking Baggachipz who did some outstanding work in making technologies vast and inscrutable do the little tap-dance that has become The Press Pass. He is to the new site as Pyro is to this one, the high wizard with his magical incantations and, I assume, silk, billowing robe. I'd also like to thank Morrolan, Illum, Swat, Coldforged, and Prederick for agreeing to be abused and berated for content by Certis as the launch staff for the Press Pass. They, along with Certis and myself, when I can manage anything like brevity or succinctness, will be providing the lion's share of content for the new site. Again, while we invite our current crop of GWJ writers to contribute when inclined, they are and will remain dedicated first to this site.

Independence also means that the rules and philosophies aren't shared between the two sites. Where GWJ is a community driven site in which the forums act as the foundation, the Press Pass is specifically content driven. There are no forums, and though we think it's absolutely critical to our success to develop thoughtful and, fickle deities willing, copious comments to the articles, we expect threads to stay on topic and comments to be salient. Some sites pride themselves on their loose hand with moderation and standards. The Press Pass is not that site. Be funny, be topical, be witty, clever, or informative; we welcome all of that, but save the wiener bomb and DDTs for their proper forums.

Additionally, most of the content will be shorter and far more succinct than the often epic missives you do or don't enjoy here. However, our goal is not simply to regurgitate what everyone else is already talking about, but instead to take a deeper look, offer a new perspective, and put it into context. We are going to strive to do something it seems few other independent sites are doing: research. Imagine, if you will, a world where your gaming news doesn't make assumptions, doesn't take things at face value, doesn't simply let the word of a press release become the gold standard for unbiased truth. It's not a matter of using more words, but of finding the ones that matter.

There is one final significant element which I should address. The Press Pass will be ad supported. That's not to say it'll be crass about it, or indiscriminate, however we will need to pay the bills. I bring this up primarily to reassure you that the inclusion of ads on the Press Pass should not be interpreted as a change for Gamers With Jobs, which is a community based site supported by the generous donations of its members.

This new site excites me. I've been dying for a gaming news site that I trusted to be discerning, critical, clever, and informative all at once. I am sure many of you will be suspicious of yet another gaming news site, and I also think that's an entirely appropriate response. The internet is rife with would-be game-news sites, most of them poorly executed. We aren't trying to replace sites like Shacknews, Joystiq, or Evil Avatar, but we are trying to provide a level of depth and insight that those sites don't seek to supply. We want to create the Press Pass as a critical and unique voice, one that people enjoy reading and come to trust. We are putting ourselves to high standards, and the difficulty and challenge of the project are as enticing as they are terrifying.

We invite you to join us and help build a new kind of gaming-news community. Kick the tires. Tell us what you think. There's a lot of work to be done in the coming days and weeks as we find our voice, fine tune the site itself, and get up to speed. We hope you enjoy it.

Today is Tuesday, January 17th 2006 – Welcome to the launch of the Gamers With Jobs Press Pass.

Be sure and check out Certis' launch day comments for more specific thoughts on the new site.

- Elysium


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