Put Some Pants On At Least


Happy Halloween all of you little heathens! I hope you've all invested some time and, perhaps, money into some sort of scheme to make yourself look like someone / something else. Halloween gives us a chance to live out those cosplay urges without having to forfeit a certain level of social acceptance. I myself have thrown together a serviceable costume at the last minute. I'll try and post a picture once I've donned it. As a public service announcement, keep your eyes peeled for kids when you're driving home tonight. If their costumes are anything like mine were as a kid, they sure as Hades can't see you.



I once bought one of those shirts that had the check boxes with monster descriptions next to them and you checked off what you "were" for Halloween (Frankenstien's Monster, a space alien, "a guy wearing a shirt," etc...).  Little did I realize you shouldn't use permanent marker on it, so I was stuck as "The Invisible Man" for two years.  I know it was the dorkiest thing to buy, but it WAS Jr. High and I though I was being cool...

Hmm... I'm wearing a bright orange t-shirt from Target right now that says "this is my costume" in black.  But tonight I'm getting dressed up proper in my gorilla suit for a party.  I'll try to get a picture up.

But tonight I'm getting dressed up proper in my gorilla suit for a party

Why are you going to a party in a tux for Halloween?