I Better Get Experience


I think the reward system for my life has been nerfed. I try to get enjoyment out of mowing the lawn or taking out the trash, but I get a little tired of having to do it all over the next week. It's a seriously tedious treadmill that only gets worse the longer I play. I look forward to the time when I hit 65 and can finally...wait a second...I'll bet it's just more of the same. I'll probably have a few new skills and maybe some nicer equipment, but it's probably the same task mechanics that I'm dealing with now. That's pretty depressing. I think I'm going to have to re-evaluate what I want to get out of this game.



"This quest blows"

Man, that's the ultimate response to almost any situation.

It's funny, 'cause it's true. 

Well, sex is usually a decent enough reward for me...

Trust me you don't get that for just doing the dishes...

Um.. Not even for really clean ones?

Sway, just out of curiosity... exactly how old are you ?

Anyway, I guess having no save/load functionality in this game really sucks...

Sorry, Alex, just noticed your post. I'm 29.