Isabel Who?


Woah, sorry this is up so late. We were all telling hurricane war stories around the office and I totally forgot. Our house survived with minimal damage. There's some siding loose, and that's about it. We never even lost power, but I drew this comic extra early just in case. I hope any of you on the East Coast came through relatively unscathed.



In many ways the comics with the most simple premises are my favorite ones. A nice change from the cynicism we see elsewhere.

You the man Sway. You the man!

I'll have to go ahead and agree with Certis on this one... simple yet still an excellent look at a gamer's perspective...

You da man now dawg!

Hmm... My uncle in Rockville MD said that they had minimal damage but that the power was going to be out for 3-7 days.  He told my dad that they were trying to eat all the perishables by rooting through the fridge and freezer.

We got off more or less scot free in Apex, NC.  The worst of it was that our power was out for maybe an hour and a half.

Woow. I think this one is really good, one of the best so far. Simple and effective!