Right About Now


The doorknob to the room in which my computer is located has a Do Not Disturb type sign hanging on it that I got free from GoGamer.com. I hung it on there just as a laugh when I was unpacking my order. However, I haven't taken it off yet. My wife teases me every time I strap my headphones and mic on for a game. I laugh with her, but I don't take them off. I'm nearly thirty and I still catch myself saying, "I'll go to bed in a minute. I just need to get past this one level!" Every now and then I see myself with startling objective clarity and I am forced to acknowledge my true self with a small sigh and a big roll of the eyes. Shortly thereafter I have to run out and by my wife a handful of diamonds or a car or something because I can't believe she's still putting up with me.

Have you seen the man in the mirror yet



What scares me is that I can almost recite the other end of that conversation the character is having from memory.

It first occured to me about the day I decided it would be a cool idea to create my own gaming website.

- Elysium

You have a gaming website? I thought you only had a blog... 


I'll be in the back tending to my wounds.

- Elysium

"Wicked Fat Gulp"

I try not to swear too often on the site but that was f*cking brilliant Sway.

I'm 32, and I'm still in denial. I'm one of those people that go around saying NO, I'M NOT A DORK. YOU ARE!

or is that ,   I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I?


Yes... one of the developers at work called a bunch of us 'sad geeks' on Friday.

We were trying to get a team photo in Enemy Territory... so that we could put it on a t-shirt... Mayhaps she had a point.

I really didn't have the money to become a serious geek until recently (like age 28 out of my current 32).  Sometime back in college one of my friends introduced me to using the word "geek" in a positive, verb-like fashion.  As in, "I'm totally geeked about the temple of elemental evil coming out."  or "I'm really geaked out about these Plantronic 500s..."

My wife of course thinks I'm a total dork as I shout to people across the internet, "there's an m.g. by the double doors; I need backup!!"  I'm still holding onto, "serious geek" though as my label of choice.  Sure I do all of the geek stuff and then some, but I equate "dork" with social (that is, out in public) ineptitude.

So I guess, socially I'm a serious geek, and privately I'm a complete dork.  No wait, I was trying to disprove something there...damnit.

I asked my friend this same question. He claims that "geeks" or "dorks" are people that argue about nothing. So I guess everyone in the P&C forums are dorks. Also a "Dork" is actually a whale penis. So unless I have changed since last I checked, I am not a walking whale penis.