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I just wanted to pay a little homage to the die-hards of the gaming industry. I'm not talking about people, though. I'm talking about the little reminders we see of days long gone. I remember my friend's Nintendo pen. It was always by the NES so he would be able to grab it and jot down whatever string of digits the game would use as a "save spot". I also remember going to my cousin's house where he was one of five kids who all played the family Intellivision. With that much competition in the house, the back pages of every instruction booklet contained a list of names and high scores. I'm pretty sure I made it on one of the lists for a game called Stampede. Well, for some reason the tradition lives on. The pages still show up in the back of manuals, and I smile whenever I see them.



Ahh...! The good old Genesiss days.


I belive this is the code to get to Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punchout.  Got it from the Nintendo Power Hotline and wrote it on the cover of my Nintendo Power Magazine.  I entered it in so many times I have it forever burned in my head.

Great comic.

You had to use a code?  Cheater! hehe


Man that Mike Tyson was tough the first few times, though, but once you got used to his lightninig fast, he was a goner.  What a great game!

This was me with several Sierra On Line games, but I geenrally said to heck with it and bought the invisible hint books with the highlight pen that gave you the answers.  Except they fade away after years