In a Mall Far Far Away


Are Star Wars fans really so rabid that they need a game based on the license every month or two? I can no longer keep track of all the releases. We saw the swell of gaming media attention over Star Wars Galaxies diminish just in time for Knights of the Old Republic to be released. And now, as apparently everyone in civilized society finishes their third or fourth time through the game, I can already hear much murmuring about Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

I mean Star Wars is way awesome and all, but surely there must be other "universes" hiding out there? Does every battle need to be won with a light saber? I guess I just get a little nervous when I find myself feeling apathetic about the news that a new Star Wars game is coming out.



I think it's just a strange coincidence, before SWG how long had it been since you were excited about the prospect of a new Star Wars game? I know I didn't give a sh*t after XWA and the prequels started up.

I used to buy all Star Wars games that came out.  Despite their lackluster reviews, I actually liked Rebellion and Racer (PC).  Force Commander and The Phantom Menace just stunk, though.  Battlegrounds was decent, but it was too little too late to keep me interested for too terribly long.

Now, though, Galaxies? I'll pass. KotOR? Have to wait for the PC version, but I am actually looking forward to it.  Jedi Academy?  Just LucasArts/Raven giving the Quake fans more of what they like -- kill everything that moves.  I struggled through the first one.  I think I'll pass initially on this one, and pick it up on sale later on (maybe). 

I sure wish that they'd make a FPS style game with some depth of play (Deus Ex, System Shock (DF:Jedi Knight seemed to be on the right track but they abandoned it for the Quake style in Outcast)) or an Elite style game set in the Star Wars universe.

First off, passing up on Jedi Academy would be a mistake.

KOTOR is a lot of fun and definitely an Xbox classic.

SWG I never had any interest in and never will.  I think I might be able to resist this one even if the band (Ava Tarati) was getting back together.

I may be in the minority, but anytime I see a big license game, I run the other way.  I'd have to see an awful lot of positive press and friend recommendations before even considering something along the lines of Spiderman, the Hulk, Star Wars, or Bond.

Its a good rule of thumb to live by.  You may miss out on one or two decent games, but you definitely miss out on tons of garbage.

I don't know, the last three Star Wars games I've played I've enjoyed; Rogue Leader II Rogue Squadron on Gamecube, Bounty Hunter also on GC (despite some bugginess) and now KOTOR on the Xbox which is great.

I did not enjoy Jedi Knight, I haven't tried Jedi Outcast, any opinions?

Depends on why you didn't enjoy Jedi Knight as to whether or not you will enjoy Outcast.  I did not like Outcast because it basically was Star Wars Quake:   You follow along a predetermined role, you kill pretty much everything that moves, and you had to flip switches at random locations to open a door you came across in the very beginning of the level.  It has completely idiotic jumping puzzles, no civilians, no way to complete a mission except with brute force, and the levels are on average about 1/5th the size of the ones in Jedi Knight.  They did make them last longer by provide you with a huge amount of instant kill sections.  That way, reloading in one spot 50 times makes the mission seem a whole lot longer.

It did have better graphics (it should, being that it was 5 years newer) and a great light saber system (again, it should being 5 years newer).  It just had no allowances for playing styles other than "BLOW IT ALL UP".  In the last levels of Jedi Knight, the only things I killed were creatures and the main boss.  I approached each level like I did in Thief, and I chose force powers that complimented that.  That is impossible in Outcast.

You summed it up pretty well, I just don't go for Star Wars quake.  Although I did like Bounty Hunter which is pretty much a FPS with a story.  I might rent Outcast just to see.

Personally I'd love to see some lesser-known properties be turned into games. For YEARS I've been dreaming of a game based on the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons, for example. Regardless, there's too much risk involved in translating a lesser-known property for folks these days. They'd rather stay with something "safe" like Star Wars (which as been slowly losing its luster) or Star Trek (which lost it a long time ago), because it'll make money.