Are You Pro or Anti Aliasing?


Let's see. What can I say about today's comic? Not a whole lot, really. I originally wanted to use the term "hardcore gamer" in it, but I'm not even sure I know what that means anymore. When traditional media begins to use it, it quickly loses its luster. This is especially true when said traditional media uses it conjoined with "shooting rampage" or "dropped dead after a 80 hour gaming session". It's just not much fun to be hardcore after that kind of treatment.

This has already strayed far far away from the comic, so...well, let's keep off track for a moment. What do you think would be a good new term to describe your "hardcore" gaming self? Avid Gamer? Enthusiastic Game Player? Extreme Gamebot?



Retina Destroyer here...

In my opinion... I think we all are just Gamers! I know it's not a fancy name, but it is true and close to home. Anyway you look at it; we are just gamers... whether you play once a month or 24/7... You are playing games! Also considering that we are Gamers with Jobs.. or most of us, some have school. Gaming wearies... For example I take my-self; there are times when I would play for 2 days straight with no/or little brakes... but there are time when I either don't want to or just have no time... like for the past few days, I been in the office sense yesterday morning... and I still am, or if I get a new Anime Boxset, I would not even look into the direction of my PC or Consoles. So basically, Gamer is a Gamer, not a Hardcore, Passive, etc... Just a Gamer! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Legos are so modular! The MOD community is unsurpassed, and the support from the publisher after release is great. They charge for all the addons though, which is really annoying. It's also not compatible with it's competitors products. It has a very limited pallete, too.

Lego's have sold out.  They've now got bland gameplay and are relying on big name licenses for sales now.

And cant they move on? We've been having rehashed sequels with the same character with only minor cosmetic changes for decades!

relying on big name licenses for sales now

The scary thing is that you're completely right.