Stop Lying to Me!


Bless you forum folk for being such a great inspiration to me. Not that I've never experienced it myself. Heck, the hype was so thick around Neverwinter Nights that I ran all over town trying to find a copy of it. And I didn't even want the game. Why do we always assume there's a room with all of the games that haven't hit their street date are stashed? If that were true, I wouldn't see the neighborhood retailer selling product directly out of a box that still smells like a UPS truck. If we weren't so zealous in our clockwatching, we'd again experience the simply joy of walking into a store and being surprised at what was on the shelf. Remember this phrase? "Wow, I remember hearing about this, but I didn't know it was out already!" No? I neither.



You know, Im quite commonly suprised that something is coming out the day before it does, and sometimes I see something in a store and go "Hey, I remember that! Cool!" However KOTOR is making me want to kill my own mother to get a copy. Go figure.

I remember going to game stores back in the late 80's, early 90's, when the only source of new game information was Computer Gaming World, and salivating at what new would be out.

Now, I go to the game store on very specific days, in a very surgical strike manner, knowing that what I want will be there at a specific time and date.

I don't know which is better...

Why does Sway always have to nail us like this?