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Introducing designer potions for her. Let's face it, male magic users and female magic users are not the same, despite the similar stats they have in most games. That's why we have developed specially formulated potions that are not only mega powerful, but pH balanced for the fairer sex.

I dunno. You really start to have strange thoughts after a month of constant rain followed directly by a week of mid 90s temperatures. I mean "steamy" doesn't even begin to cover it. I've got no air conditioning so my meals have consisted of large glasses of water. And when I drink, all liquids are converted instantly to sweat. It's like in old cartoons when characters would get shot and then drink water and it would all run out of them like a sieve.



HA!  You get used to that kind of weather when you live in Texas............

I think you may be on to something here Sway!

I can see this selling like hotcakes right next to "Da Glow" by J.Lo

That is some funny, right there.