Gone Fishin'


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I'm preparing this post on Wednesday evening since I'm leaving for a brief vacation tomorrow morning. The wife and I are visiting some friends in tropical Boston and I'm running into space issues before I pack my first pair of socks. Said friends have a cube, but only two controllers. And, like some famous person may have said, "Two controllers does not a party make." Last time I had to bring the cube, too, so this is an improvement.

I'm also packing a few other pieces of gear to help pass the time at the airports, and on the train to the airport, and in the bathroom in the airport. This is becoming a troubling development since I'm actually going on vacation to "get away" from what I do day in and day out. But, just as I'm going to pack shorts for a trip to New England, I like to be prepared for every eventuality no matter how unlikely. So I will evidently be renting clothing for the next five days since I will, unfortunately, be unable to bring any with me.

I've left emergency numbers on a notepad in the kitchen. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything. And I wouldn't open that GladWare container in the fridge. Those mashed potatoes were from New Years, but I'm too cheap to throw the container away.



Gamecube stuff and an Apple laptop seems to belong together doesn't it?

Apple laptop? What the hell are you going to do with that? Oh wait... as a tray to hold your GBA:SP and maybe a magazine.... and dinner.. !!

Ah.... Look at that Apple, I wish i had one.... Oh!? wait, i have one too, what am i talking about....

Easy to forget that you have one, isn't it, when there's no good use for it?

Just kidding, just kidding...

Actually, I was infront of my MAC when i posted that massage... besides who can forget when sitting infront of 15inch screen. I have to be carefull everone has their eye on my MAC in the office....