The Wavebear


Howdy folks! The comic today may or may not speak for itself. See, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, said recently that "we will do it our way". I believe he was talking about their approach to online gaming at the time, but hasn't Nintendo been doing it their way right into third place in the console market? Why do I suspect that the intersection of Their Way and My Way is quickly approaching the empty set? I'm warning you, Nintendo, six or seven more years of this abuse and I might have to start looking for a new friend.



Good Lord, what is he doing to that bear!

Damn funny, Sway. 

Id just like to concur, "Do it my way" and that bear in his lap.... it left me confused.

I feel dirty yet excited. I wonder what color the bear is going to be? I'm thinking classic brown.

I guess they are trying the Microsoft tactic...

Hehe, since you mention it, Nei, Penny Arcade did a similar parody of the Xbox controller...

lol. I'm a big fan of PA. I'm sure half of my ideas are jokes they've done that have slipped into my subconscious. Most of the time I catch myself before I draw it into a comic.